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The mighty fall of the svengali, ‘Mr Marbella’

maurice with becky and others

By Jon Clarke and Wendy Williams

IT certainly has a most poetic ring to it; she being 16, he 61.

But the liaisons with a teenager that he had taken under his wing to compete in the so-called WOW Factor talent show, has caused more of a slasher movie to the career of one of the coast’s most famous celebrities.

Whether you loved him or hated him, few lacked opinions about DJ Maurice Boland – aka ‘Mr Marbella’ – who over a two decade career has interviewed some of the world’s biggest celebrities through his radio talk show.

He so impressed his subjects that novelist Jeffrey Archer described Maurice as, “the professional’s professional”.

He added: “He is very hard working, very demanding in his research and above all – which is not the case with all journalists -he is very fair. He sees both sides.”…

But, while he long asked a series of tricky questions of the likes of David Cameron, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jay Leno, he was last week being asked a series of tough questions himself.

It came after the parents of the teenage girl – who we are not naming out of respect for her family – turned up to confront him as he was mid-way through his radio chat show at Talk Radio Europe (TRE) a fortnight ago.

The station was inundated with a deluge of angry comments from his loyal listeners

As the Olive Press reported exclusively in our last issue, he had been forced to leave the studio and face the music – excuse the pun – and explain how his apparently ‘professional’ relationship with the young singer, had turned romantic.

While it is still unclear if the police were in some way involved, there was certainly a heated exchange, which led the normally calm station boss Martin Nathan to insist that Boland had to go.

Effectively spelling the end of his radio career, the station,and the Olive Press’s own website, was inundated with a deluge of angry comments from his loyal listeners.

In particular, they picked out the hypocricy of his actions, publicly criticising Catholic priests on the radio, while at the same time having an af-fair with a teenager.

Meanwhile there were a string of further unsubstantiated rumours flying around about the businessman, who had set up on the coast as a nightclub empresario in the 1980s.

The local Jewish community was particularly shocked by the actions of its community Vice President, who has now been deprived of his ‘guidance’ role.

One former TRE colleague, television producer Barry Mitchell, who has known Boland for 20 years, says he was not surprised that the DJ had taken up with a 16-year-old.

Mitchell said Boland loved it when, on occasion, young choirs would come to the radio studios and often made inappropriate comments about the girls.

‘Two or three of us would look at each other and raise our eyebrows, knowing full well that he was serious,’ Mitchell said, ‘And hindsight has proven that to be true.’

Eventually, in a bid to stem the spiralling rumours, Boland last week apologised to the family of the girl – and his own family – in the Irish national newspapers, before issuing a limp statement to the local press here in Spain.

In the only comments that have been run, he whined to one: “I fully expected that it would become public knowledge. But I did not expect the hurtful and negative gossip directed towards both her family and mine. This is a highly personal issue and I would ask you to please respect the other people involved.”

His request is understandable, but for many people who have tuned in for years to hear him tell his listeners how much he loves his wife of 40 years, his admission that he made an “error of judgement” does little to placate their outrage.

They might also be interested to hear a bit about his past, about how some 20 years ago he became incredibly close to one Mandy Smith, who infamously slept with Rolling Stone Bill Wyman when only 14.

One might be inclined to ask the question, is history repeating itself?

Cast your mind back to 1983 when Mandy Smith, aged just 13-years-old, famously began dating 46-year-old Bill Wyman.

A huge scandal, she was the Catholic school girl; while he was apparently the celebrity who could make her a star.

Yet, there was another older man waiting in the wings, who was handed the task of guiding her career to stardom.

Enter Maurice Boland, who became her manager after they met at his nightclub Cuba, on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

Under his guidance, the budding star secured modelling jobs and pursued a singing career which led to a string of hits.

While there has never been any evidence to suggest any wrong-doing on Boland’s part, how close exactly, was the relationship between him and Smith?

Move on two decades, and the greyhaired empresario – a wealthy man with impeccible contacts on the Costa del Sol – was once again, in the perfect position to aid yet another fame-hungry starlet.

With a passion for singing and a clear theatrical bent, the then 15-year-old blonde was quickly encouraged to enter the local X-Factor-style fame competion the WOW Factor.

In November last year, Boland was effusive in his praise for the teenager, as he stood by her side in a gold lame Versace jacket.

The founder of the competition touched her hand and stroked her arm, before explaining how she had been too young to enter the contest the year before.

His magazine and radio station was part-funded by a pair of shady Russians

Her adoring family looked on with pride as their 15-year-old did well and went on to perform a string of charity concerts along the coast, with none other than ‘Mr Marbella’ always acting as a chaperone.

It soon became clear – indeed to two separate Olive Press sources – that she had become infatuated with him and he was increasingly becoming fixated with the pretty blond teenager.

On her MySpace page, there are still numerous pictures of her with her svengali, as well as others of ‘the innocent teenager’ blowing bubbles.

At a recent dinner at a well-known restaurant in Marbella they sat in the corner with each other, quietly ‘cooing’.

“He even had the audacity to come over and tell me he had fallen in love,” said one fellow diner. “He said he had become the new playboy on the coast and was very happy.

“It was pretty sick-making.”

The relationship with the girl – whose family are said to be multi-millionaires living in the exclusive enclave of Sotogrande – rapidly developed and they began spending increasingly large amounts of time together.

Boland admitted to an Irish Sunday paper: “It was a very short involvement and it was never planned. Some of these things just happen.”

The parents however, did not see it that way.

Enfuriated when they saw a photo of the pair looking “unnaturally close” in society magazine Essentials, they decided to confront their daughter, who attends the nearly 20,000 euros-a-year Sotogrande International School.

The next day they turned up at the studio where, according to sources, they managed to get past the reception and were just metres from bursting into the studio to confront Boland live on air.

The ensuing chaos understandably put an end to his long radio career that had spanned decades.

While born into a respectable Jewish family in Dublin – both his parents were doctors – he was always attracted to a rather more demimonde unorthodox career.

He admitted that he had lost his virginity to a German prostitute in a magazine interview last year, and always dreamt of a career in showbiz.

He opened nightclubs in Ireland and he and his model wife Wendy Gilbertson were regulars in the Irish gossip columns.

But by the end of the 1980s, Boland grew tired of his native Ireland and decided to try his luck in Marbella.

He bought Oscar’s, a disco that had been owned by Formula One driver James Hunt. And from here, he went on to present the first radio show in English on the coast and in quick succession he launched the H! Society magazine.

Then in 2004 Boland helped to launch a radio station REMfm, which, along with his magazine, was allegedly part-funded by a pair of shady Russians.

Somewhere along the lines the Russians – who also controversially ran the Mijas racecourse and owned Majestic TV – parted company with the station that was last year rebranded as Talk Radio Europe.

It was through his radio and media dealings – plus his tireless charity work – on the coast, that he made his name as ‘Mr Marbella’.

His success led to numerous trappings, such as his top of the range black Mercedes, and a luxury villa in the hills above Estepona.

But, could these trappings of wealth now be coming to an end?

He says he is now “withdrawing from public life” for the foreseeable future and this year’s WOW Factor has also been cancelled.

Oh how the mighty fall.

In an article published in the Dubliner in 2008, the publicist Max Clifford was quoted as saying: “He has never ceased to tell me how successful and famous he is. And according to the people who work for him at the station, it’s true. I’m sure he’ll eventually turn into the superstar he thinks he is.”

And this seems to be the impression many people have of him, a self-publicist who never tired of his own voice and was forever blowing his own trumpet.

But now, perhaps ironically, the man who has strived to be the centre of public attention for so long has finally achieved the notoriety he craved.

As he said in an interview several years ago: “Someone who does my type of work will be probably disliked as much as they’re liked.”

And on that point it would appear he is right.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. Maurice did nothing illegal (15 years old is over the legal age of consent in Spain). The girl obviously enjoyed it and it is the “multimillionaire parents” who objected. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. If you hang around Puerto Banus at night you will see plenty of young girls on the arms of men old enough to be their grandfathers. Rich young girls acting like tarts is nothing new. Get over it and leave the Bolands alone. Most people slagging Maurice are simply jealous. One would also have to question the motives of a newspaper constantly dragging up this gossipy non-story. Any influence from the “millionaire parents” possibly?

  2. I was beginning to think there was a media blackout on this story. Good for you for having the balls to publish this. What I don’t get is why Marbella’s other pseudo-celebs Steve (with a “V”) and Michel (one “l” one “e”) haven’t aired their views on the matter.

    Spain’s age of consent is 13. That’s right, 13! However, if “deceit” ( I’LL MAKE YOU A STAR IF YOU DROP YOUR PANTS ) was used to obtain consent from minors aged 13-16 and the parents complain, there can be legal consequences.

    As for Gossipy non-story , this is of the utmost importance that every parent of teenage girls on the Costa are aware of this seedy perverted old man .
    Well done Olive Press for reporting , keep up your good work .
    I’m so sorry for his beautiful wife Wendy .

    Lock him up and throw away the key !!

  4. Interesting article, could someone enlighten me as to how MB afforded such a lavish lifestyle on a radio presenters wage down here? TRE is a small radio station struggling to get advertisers at the moment, and he is not the owner.

  5. This guy has only ever done local radio, he has never done anything big in the UK or Ireland, he is the biggest bullsh.ter there has ever been on this coast, he clearly groomed this girl, imagine how you would feel if it was your daughter, the sooner he leaves this coast the better it will be for all of us, good ridance!

  6. theres a job for a radio host in the marbella hospital, oh maurice has lived here 25 years doesnt speak spanish, self righteous, scooby doo,maurice your just like them preists from your home country, you have let your people down, you sure got them girls knickers down, you need help

  7. Yes, it was wrong, but has everybody fogotten what good this man has done, the funds he has raised raised the cudeca fund…etc…get a life guys leave the family to sort this out in private,there are bigger issues in the world.

  8. If the words, I, Me, Mine, My, Myself, were deleted from the English language MB would be instantly struck dumb. When he interviewed Jeffrey Archer it was hard to follow the interview over the sound of the falling bullshine from both of them.

  9. My wife and I have had a house near Marbella since 1986 and it is with great sadness that we have been following the decline and fall of two such popular broadcasters. Barry and Maurice were the pioneers of ex-pat broadcasting on the coast and it seems that rather than castigate them both for their failings, we should be offering them our support. Drug addiction and child abuse are both mental conditions that can be treated by counselling and therapy and they should both be encouraged to seek professional help for their problems.

    In the UK there are a number of highly successful treatment programs for sexual offenders and addicts and I see no reason why we should not welcome them back once they have both conquered their personal demons. Perhaps Maurice should look at the example made by John Profumo, who dedicated his life after the Christine Keeler scandal to anonymous servitude on behalf of many impoverished people in the East End of London and in so doing, earned the respect of many.

    Maurice’s marvellous achievements on behalf of Cudeca are truly laudable and it would be a disservice to all he has achieved were he to instead follow the example of other celebrities who found themselves in similar circumstances, such as Gary Glitter and Jonathan King, who refused to acknowledge their affliction and instead tried to lie and worm their way out of their predicament.

    My wife Trudy, until her retirement a few years ago, worked as a therapist for twenty five years, often dealing with the psychological trauma that many victims of child abuse are left to deal with for the rest of their lives. It therefore dismays us both that we should therefore read various comments that seek to lay the blame on the poor 15 year old girl at the centre of this scandal, as if she was the one in control. Nor can they fully comprehend the further damage being done to the girl by referring to her as a ‘slut’ or a ‘slapper’. Obviously anyone writing such clap trap has never had teenage daughters!

    Especially sorry to hear about Barry Mitchell we used to love his breakfast show on OCI!

  10. David Frantzen, you make some interesting points in your post,but I can’t agree entirely with you.

    You don’t actually state if you have met or know either Barry or Maurice,and that is quite relevant.Yes drug addiction and child abuse amongst many others are addictions,but what is more to the point,I believe that in Maurice’s case he knew exactly what he was doing and his ego as per usual thought he could get away with it.Barry, joins a long list of mainly men,who come to live here and squander any finances they have and drink themselves into oblivion.In his case loneliness is most probably the root of the problem as opposed to an addiction.

    You make a very valid point that there is no doubt that treatment for any disorder is far more readily available in the UK than in Spain.In fact in this area proper,registered specialists in these conditions hardly exist, and the very few that do, are basically just money orientated.

    Gibraltar offers a much better treatment problem than here.

    With regards to the young lady, and that is what she is, I wouldn’t exactly call it child abuse and the comparison to Gary Glitter and Jonathan King is not justified.

    It takes two to tango, and just go down to Puerto Banus and you will see these “school girls” flaunting themselves on any given night.

    Maurice, thought he was invincible, a big celebrity and I am sure foolishly thought he could get away with it.His wife has in the past been treated with anxiety problems, and I truly feel sorry for her.Maurice, has no understanding of this condition, and when confronted,always shied away from the subject.

    It is now out for all the local public to read about, and everyone will draw their own conclusions, but at the end of the day,only one person is to blame for this affair,and I doubt he will have the gumption to face the music again, or in fact ever change.

  11. Thank you for your kind comments Dave and Trudy!Actually I did reply to those bitter comments posted by Mr Gow but it seems they have rightly been removed and mine didnt make it to print!I did have my demons but they are well behind me now and am slowly making a financial recovery.
    I used to drive Willie Gow as he had lost his licence through drunk driving and he appears to be mistaking his problems for mine.He also has problems with HM customs which is probably why he is being a nasty little man.There are other issues but this forum is not the place! As for me,who knows…but stay tuned…it aint over till its over!

  12. Maurice is a great radio presenter there no doubt about that. He has done more than his share for charity and all this back stabbing at a time when he needs support is just crass. What about the young woman she must accept, as must her family some responsibility for this situation. Maurice get back on with it – start a new radio station – employ Barry and tell the world its between you and your wife to sort things out. I am sure a loyal band of listerners will be there for you – we have all had difficult situations. People get over it if not look out for yourself for a change.I say good luck to Maurice and his wife all the rest is just propaganda

  13. whilst it is very easy to slag people off i would like it mentioned that in my 10 years on the costa there was never and there is still not anyone as entertaining or professional as barry mitchell his breakfast show on rem was historic and he is missed . so if you are getting your life turned around , well done barry and i would love to hear you on the airways again



  15. Start another radio station? here on the coast? You’ve got to be joking!! Whether or not he was a good dj means nothing, he betrayed the trust of his listeners, he’s a total hypocrite – as anyone who has ever listened to him ranting about the evils of sexual abuse will testify and let’s not forget that as the girl was only 15 when it started he would now be facing criminal proceedings if he lived in the Uk or Ireland? The costa del sol has had enough bad publicity with all the dodgy mayors and financial fraud, we don’t need any more. Go away Boland, we don’t want your sort here!

  16. Could someone please clarify a few points to me?

    1. How did Maurice live such a lavish lifestyle on a presenters wage?

    2. Has there ever been any account auditing on any charity gala down here?

    I think these points are important considering that some people out there are praising his charity work!

    In my opinion Maurice was nothing more than a self publicist and ex auctioneer. I believe he only stood up at these charity events to do what he did best, stand on stage, pretend he was “Mr I AM” and auction items that OTHER people had spent their time and efforts getting hold of.

    I think he has abused his position as a radio presenter, a hope for young stars and singers and frankly I NEVER want to see that man’s face again.

  17. Henry,

    I don’t think anyone but Maurice can really answer your questions.

    Having been involved in charity work myself there are always “overheads” to be accounted for and I am pretty sure MB was one of the biggest.

    In fairness to MB he started on OCI with a comparitively small show, was always contraversial and as the listening figures picked up,which one can only assume was by the number of guests that had never been on an English speaking radio station down here on the Costa del Sol and over a period of time he may have demanded a higher wage.

    Then along came a much bigger radio station in REM which I believe was backed by a Russian estate agency and he acted as MD and like him or not the station grew and many more companies advertised and knowing the way MB operates,I am sure he was on a large bonus.

    With the demise of REM we now had TRE and though no official figures are available,one can only assume that the momentum carried on and he continued to be a high earner.

    Two of his sons opened a Real estate business, which he allegedly backed, so that would have been another source of income, though that venture was short lived.

    I hope that may answer some of your questions.

  18. I know Maurice personally and I can say from knowing him from the amount of time I have, that he is a good man.
    All of you commenters making accusations about him being a ´perve´ and ´sexual abuse´ how can you be sure? Nothing was mentioned that anything sexual happened between the two of them so why jump to conclusions. I am sure most of you read magazines (Women) look how exadurated and blown out of proportion stories in there are, its just the same.
    JUst let them move on.

    As for you Jo- october 19th
    Maurice is a warm hearted kind man, one of the most generous and caring people I have met in my long life, all of you commenting know the radio maurice boland, that isnt him, look behind the mask and he is a genuine man.

  19. Celeb ????? Mr Marbella..?????? not in a 100000000 years..!
    More front than Selfridges …YES!!!!.. but now surely… enough said… ? No one is perfect….. and let us forget this once and for all and let’s look ahead….. things are bleak enough as it is without having to read about Maurice as well..!

  20. Celeb ????? Mr Marbella..?????? not in a 100000000 years..!
    More front than Selfridges …YES!!!!.. but now surely… enough said… ? No one is perfect….. and let us forget this once and for all and let’s look ahead….. things are bleak enough as it is without having to read about Maurice as well..!

    ps: as far as I am aware… never owned Oscar’s… !!! yes worked at Marbella Auctions and then was a Karaoke singer of sorts at the ex Rudy’s Roadrunner…..(estepona)…then went to OCI…etc….

  21. Your article is a cheap attempt to further besmirch the man, and it took the considerable efforts of two people to concoct the rubbish.
    You had already sufficiently covered the story in recent weeks, but couldn’t resist the tempatation to have yet another go at him.
    Yes, he has a large ego, but that is what made him a celebrity, and a great entertainer, who over the course of many years has raised fortunes for charitable causes on the Costa.
    There is not nearly enough mention of his great work, but perhaps the recipient organisations now feel that the money is tainted.
    He made a mistake through a serious lack of judgement, but he is not the first man to fail this particular test.
    As the old saying goes, ‘that doesn’t make him a bad person’, just foolish, and no doubt Maurice feels badly over the saga, without you continuing to take cheap shots at him.
    One of the greatest statesmen of the 21st century, and president of the United States for two terms of office, also failed the test, yet Bill Clinton left office in 2001 with the highest end-of-office approval rating of any U.S. president since World War II.
    Maurice Boland will rise again, because of his irrepressible nature. It’s who he is. However I can’t help but wonder how you will attempt to write about him then.
    In your sorry article you feel it important to mention his black Mercedes, and describe it as top of the range, which no doubt, prompted one commenter to suggest that his ‘unsubstantiated’ lifestyle should now warrant the audit of the funds of the charitable causes.
    How low can you go.
    The car in question is indeed black, but it is simply a CLK Cabrio, and very definitely more middle of the range than in the top segment.
    The considerable effort both of you spent on writing such drivvle would have been better spent on the details of the numerous scandals now reaching the courts, the outcome of which will have a more far-reaching effect on all our lives here in the future.

  22. I dont see what difference this makes in what car he drives and his lifestyle it has nothing to do with this case, this all revolves around a serious breach of trust put in him and practising what he preaches, thats where he has let himself down, he has to live with this for the rest of his life, mud sticks and I do not think we will hear of him again.

  23. My point was that the story was inaccurate and unnecessary. It had already previously been covered in sufficient detail.

    The trust he betrayed was the trust of his own family.

    The teenage girl is ‘growing up’ and will most likely be involved in similar dalliances before long, if not already.

    It happens.

    I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see Maurice bounce back soon.

    Some american politicians thought they would bury Clinton, yet he is the hightest paid ‘celebrity’ on the talks circuit.

    As Maurice gather his life together no doubt he will be embittered by the fickleness of his previously adoring public.

    Their willingness to very quickly turn against him over what, in todays world, would be considered a misdemeanor, seems rather strange when you compare his ‘sin’ against what public officials have done to the Costa in the Bellena Blanca, Malaya 1,2&3, and Astapa scandals, the consequences of which we will have to live with for years to come.

  24. I dont know the guy and I am not particulary am imprest what he has done and what he hasnt,but SNIPE,SNIPE,SNIPE and more SNIPE,is this really the answer??
    Havnt you more Important things to do in your sorry lives than write and snipe at mr Boland relentlesly.the man has done more good than bad in his live,that I am sure about.
    He will rise from the ashes like the big condor,take my word for it,I saw people like that in my live in the past,he seem to be more resilient that anyone can give him credit for,I think that there are lots of jeolusy up your part of the world that one can Imagen.is there no compasion left in you guys anymore??if not than go back to your drinks and be happy,after all thats is what the perception is from the Spanish point of view,sorry,but I for once will have no part in this sort of lifestyle where retired people have nothing else what to do but to look around and try to pick on others and find faults.
    I am glad I got this one of my chest!!

  25. In rely to David Ronnen aka Dave ;

    NOVEMBER 3RD, 2010 12:13 AM
    Barry Mitchell-Mr “nice guy??”,you could have fooled me. your “End is nigh” Mitchell watch this space!!!
    David Ronnen

    david ronnen
    NOVEMBER 3RD, 2010 3:53 PM
    “Havnt you more Important things to do in your sorry lives than write and snipe …. ”

    Remind me again who your accusing of SNIPING Dave ?? ….. I advise you to have a good look in your mirror

  26. gresham
    November 3rd, 2010 12:53 am

    “Is Donal an anagram of Maurice?”

    November 3rd, 2010 10:33 am

    “Gresham you have hit the nail on the head , well spotted !”

    Gresham, there’s only one identical letter in both names.

    John, I do believe you must have hit yourself on the head.

    These two inane comments above probably go far to explain the difficulty in understanding how so much ire could be vented against a 60 year old guy who simply, (against better judgement), became involved with a 16 year girl.

    As I suggested previously, your misguided anger would be better served if it was directed against the ones whose greed and dishonesty will have an effect on your lives on the Costa for years to come.

    Is the ‘over the top’ onslaught on Boland simply because he’s Irish, and proud of it?

    Would the same disproportionate amount of character assassination be applied if he was a brit?

    P.S. I have no connection whatsoever with Maurice Boland, and have never made his aquaintance.

  27. I really miss the days of Barry Mitchell and Russ kane, seems to me we need to forget about all this crap and get on with things.
    everyone with ‘sour grapes’ youve had your say now so get on with your lives.

  28. Unfortunately my memories of Mr Boland are not fond ones, I remember him when my Ex husband worked at the Radio Station and saw first hand how he could manipulate and walk over any one who stood in the way of his own ego.
    I feel very sorry for Wendy and his family but the stories of liaisons with teenage girls under age or not does not come as any surprise to me.

  29. Maurice Boland is to launch new radio station later this month to rival failing TRE. . . this morning on his Facebook page he wrote:-
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will not be returning to Heart fm and would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Lee and Pat for the brilliant support they gave during my short but enjoyable stay with Heart and also a special thank you to David Baker on Breeze AM for taking my programs in Ireland. Meanwhile let me assure you that my absence on the airways will be only short lived. I’m delighted to announce that along with an exceptional team of top class broadcasters, I am developing a new radio project and look forward to making a full statement by early next week and be broadcasting (all going well) within weeks. The support that so many of you have given me over the past year can only be thanked by me doing what I love doing and that will be bringing you great radio programs with some of your favourite radio presenters. Thank you. Maurice

  30. “Pathological Narcissism
    A pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one’s gratification, dominance and ambition.
    Narcissistic Supply is outside attention – usually positive (adulation, affirmation, fame, celebrity) – used by the narcissist to regulate his labile sense of self-worth. ”

    Pretty much fits the identikit, doesn’t it? No conscience, (I’ve done nothing wrong). Amazing at how many are taken in by these individuals, and by the smoke and mirrors they generate.

  31. Thank you Jnr. I’ve met a few MB types in my day, and the identikit is familiar LOL.
    And then there is this comment: “… young choirs would come to the radio studios and (he) often made inappropriate comments about the girls.”

    Pervy? Sure! But more disquieting is this further aspect of this type of “personality”. Lack of boundaries, sense of entitlement (I can say anything to anyone and get away with it).
    I used to turn off the radio whenever he was on — ugh, that smarmy, fake tone.
    So maybe, give him enough rope and he”ll hang himself, as the saying goes.
    I am Irish, have lived in Spain most of my life, and believe me MB cuts no ice back in Ireland The likes of him wouldn”t get a look in the door of RTE. So, he had to toddle off to Spain to hopefully find a less discerning audience.


  32. In reply to Patricia ;

    I Understand totally as I’m Irish like yourself Patricia and frequent Marbella quiet a bit .
    ‘A Wheel goes full circle , eventually , so let time be the Judge’
    Enjoy yourself and worry less , this negative energy MB has created is not good ,
    and he’s certainly not worth it !!

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