FRAUDSTERS have used a vicar’s email to try and hoodwink all his flock.

Reverend Peter Wolfenden, from Malaga’s historic Saint George’s church, found himself the victim of a scam that used his identity to ask for money from his friends.

In an email sent to all the contacts in his address book, the thieves – using his alias – requested 2000 euros to be transferred via Western Union.

In the hijacked missive he tells them he has had an accident in the UK and needs the money to pay the hospital bills.

The email read: “I’m so distraught… I need help paying the hospital and hotel bills… I will appreciate any amount you can afford.”

The holyman told the Olive Press that he believed his email had been scammed after using an internet cafe while he was in London last month.

Being a vicar he is always one to forgive, saying: “The good thing is the number of folks who have been in touch – not just parishioners but people from my previous existence as well.

“A heart-warming reunion over the wires!”

He added: “The gospel for Sunday is the parable of the Lost Sheep!”

A number of other local businessmen have also fallen victim to similar scams recently.

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