By Wendy Williams

UNEMPLOYED security guard, Pedro Lopez, certainly isn’t losing any sleep over his lack of work.

In fact he snored his way into first place at Spain’s first siesta championship.

The 62-year-old Ecuadorean managed to shut out the noise of the bustling Madrid shopping centre and snooze for 17 minutes.

And he got extra points for his incredibly loud snoring, which registered 70 decibels – roughly the equivalent of someone talking loudly – helping him to take home the 1000 euros prize.

Contestants were judged on their ability to sleep for as close to 20 minutes as possible, as well as the speed with which they nodded off, their snoring, any unusual sleeping positions and the appeal of their pyjamas.

A total of 360 people took part in the nine-day contest that has been organised by the National Association of Friends of the Siesta to promote the Spanish custom which some believe is in danger of dying out due to the modern pace of life.

Andres Lemes, spokesman for the association said: “People are so stressed out they can’t take siestas any more.”

But he added: “The mission of the championship is to spread the idea that the nap is something of ours that must be defended and practised, because it is healthy and good for everyone.”

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  1. This will really enhance Mr Lopez’z CV for prospective employment that’s for sure lol. You couldn’t make it up – I love the OP for finding these ‘stories’. I don’t even need to lament Spain with the material that they publish.

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