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Siestas ‘help treat high blood pressure’

DOCTORS have prescribed afternoon siestas for people who suffer high blood pressure. Scientists in Greece looked at 212 people with an average age of...

Spanish siesta to get the boot as Spain dumps ‘Nazi time’ for GMT

The government is considering replacing the ‘Nazi time zone’ it currently operates in with Greenwich Mean Time

A midday nap could be bad for your health, say researchers

A daily nap could raise blood pressure by up to a fifth

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wants to axe the siesta to shorten working day

In a move to bring Spain inline with Europe, Rajoy has announced plans to cut the working day by two hours

Spanish siesta lowers blood pressure say Greek doctors

The study examined 500 patients with high blood pressure aged between 35 and 55

Compulsory siesta introduced in a Valencia town

Tradition is enforced as Ador mayor mandates three hour siesta

Spain, land of 10pm dinners, asks if it’s time to reset clock

Jim Yardley, writer for the New York Times, asks whether it's time the country turned back the clock, and started marching to the European beat

New work hours to threaten Spanish siesta

The siesta may be a thing of the past as stores open 25% more hours each week

Que hora es? How to adapt to a Spanish schedule

One of the hardest things for ex-pats or travellers to get used to is the Spanish schedule. So set your watches to slow, here’s how it all works...

Siesta struggles

Our North American friend has difficulty adjusting to the Spanish after dinner rest period

Get hip to the puente

Caitlyn discovers the delights of the Spanish holiday weekend

Sound asleep

An unemployed security guard has slept his way to victory in Spain’s first siesta championship

Waking the dead

They are taken in Taiwan, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bangladesh, and, according to NASA, invigorate the body and soul. The word comes from the Latin for ‘sixth hour,’ and is intended to occur roughly six hours after one wakes up... But why is the siesta culture dying out in Spain? Sara Wallace finds out

Putting siesta culture to bed

UK high street coming under attack from Spanish brands... with one even selling English tea!





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