SITUATED some 2000kms south of Britain, it sometimes makes you wonder how Gibraltar could be British. And while one might question the legalities of it becoming British back in the 18th century, fast forward 300 years and British it most certainly is.

With English as the main language, red phone boxes and a giant Morrison’s supermarket for all your shopping needs, it couldn’t be further removed from its neighbour.

Then ask the 29,500 residents if they want to stay British (they were given full British citizenship in 1981) and the vast majority will say yes. in fact, in a 2002 referendum almost 99 per cent of Gibraftarians voted to remain British.

And that is where the argument should end.

While Spain may feel entitled to the enclave on a geographical basis, taking it back is impractical.

Aside from the fact that they would be uprooting families who have lived there for generations, what about the rights to exist of the new Balkan nations?

And then there is the debate over Ceuta and Melilla, which Spain is unlikely to return to Morocco.

Surely, it is about time Spain relinquished its claim, stayed out of the immediate waters and let bygones be bygones.

And for god’s sake drop the daft toll idea!


  1. Yes, Mr. Alan, it´s very possible things come like you say. For that reason we have to tighten screws and convert Gibraltar in something very expensive for UK and see the town converted in a human zoo. That will make thinking.

  2. That’s not going to happen Marcelito, because don’t forget, you’re in the EU now and you can’t do things like that. You were forced to open the frontier because you wanted to join the EU in the first place. Keep dreaming! And don’t forget, Franco died in 1975!

  3. Guirizana: In Europe they are fed up of the gibraltarian issue with Spain.
    There are many ways of managing with restrictions without prejudicing Spain.
    EU needs not to depend on the russian gas only. They will connect with the two algerian gas line throught Spain, unless they import that gas by ship, but this is much more expensive

  4. Yes Mr Marcelo, things will turn out as i say. And don’t forget that your country’s isolation tactics (FRANCO ERA, THE ONE THAT YOU STILL SEEM TO LIVE IN) didn’t work and will never work. Wake up and stop dreaming of the master plan, because countless generations of your countries politicians have failed miserably. Only your own people (those that work here) will suffer as they did when franco closed the frontier. By the way i think i would like to see the frontier closed, i would probably have another job, more money to travel because remember we have an airport, i could still go anywhere i please

  5. “In Europe they are fed up of the gibraltarian issue with Spain” Any evidence of that Marcelina? I can’t find any, just like I can’t find any evidence for all your other assertions.

    I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say about gas??

  6. Marcelo your english is excellent and I am impressed by your never say die attitude, your love of your country, which some of us share, and I did initially think you had something valid to say. Sadly the more I read your posts the more I realise this is not the case. The Gibratarians wish to remain part of the UK. That’s it. Shut up.

  7. Ben: you flatter me when you say my English is good , I know very well that is not truth. I have no difficulty in reading any english book neither in speaking, but it´s difficult for me to express myself in writting. I have to practise.

    I know Gibraltarians don´t want the joint sovereingnty with Spain, especially for economic reasons, provided they are very comfortable with their tax heaven for the mafias and facilities to smuggle and to traffic with drugs but we don´t admit they can dispose of a part of our territory. That´s it. Shut up.

    The spanish offer was very generous: double nacionality (something you and me can´t have), the most ample autonomy, to go on with their institutions and laws and to negotiate everything. There was a party in Gibraltar called the PGA that wanted this.

  8. Does it matter what reasons the Gibraltarians have for not wanting joint sovereignty with Spain Marcelo? It’s their right to choose, it’s not Spain or anyone else’s right to impose. It might be economic and so what, it could also have something to do with the way Spain treated Gibraltar in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.

    Gibraltar is not a tax haven (“heaven” is something else). I’ve given you good reasons above. TIEAs signed with 18 jurisdictions ring any bells? You seem a bit shy about showing your own evidence for your assertion (and all the other unfounded assertions you make).

    Oh, and I have dual nationality. It’s not such a generous offer by Spain. Considering Gibraltar is in the EU it would have made absolutely no difference. It’s a non-offer, of no value at all. If Spain wants to court the Gibraltarians it’s going to have to do a lot better than that!

    And the PGA? Did anyone in Gibraltar really vote for them? It’s called democracy Marcelo. I know it’s difficult and you probably prefer the time of Franco when everyone knew their place, but you’ll just have to get used to it.

  9. Having lived in Gibraltar for 2.5 years while serving in the Royal Navy I feel vaguely qualified to comment. Gibraltarians dont want to be British, in fact some of them are openly hostile to members of the UK military who serve there, they just dont want to be Spanish.

  10. TO NICK SCHOFIELD; are you seriously suggesting that because Gibraltar is next to spain that gives them a right of annexation? Adolf Hitler & Saddam Hussein used that argument and not many agreed with them. According to your twisted logic Portugal & Andorra should also be annexed by spain. But hang on, since France is next to spain, and is larger then surely France should annex spain? Do democracy and human rights mean nothing at all to you? Why should today’s Gibraltarian be deprived of democracy just because the modern spanish govt disagrees with a decision taken by their own predecessors in Utrecht 1713? Gibraltar was in fact CEDED to Great Britain….should the fact that the present spanish govt laments this nullify it…..along with the human and democratic rights of 30,000 human beings?

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