A NEW YouTube video issued by the Spanish National police to help them catch the most wanted criminals in the country includes two Britons.

The police, making use of new technologies, have released a three and a half minute video on YouTube (www.youtube.com/policia) featuring photographs and information about the physical description and crimes committed by the most wanted criminals in Spain.

All of those named are considered dangerous and are either linked to organised crime or have committed serious crimes such as murder, torture, drug trafficking, paedophilia, theft, fraud or crimes against humanity.

And included on the list is British-born Daren Michael Elarmo, 41, who is accused of several kidnappings, and paedophile charges.

Although he moved to California in 2004, he is now thought to be living in Spain.

Christopher ‘Guest’ More, 33, from Manchester is also featured.

He is wanted on charges of murder, carried out in Cheshire in 2003, attempted murder and causing injury.

According to police sources, since the creation of the National Police Fugitive Task force five years ago, over 1,200 fugitives have been captured in Spain and abroad.

And they have been aided in this by their channel on YouTube, which police say “further confirms the effectiveness of social networks.”

The police are now hoping to secure the cooperation of the citizens and ascertain the whereabouts of the fugitives.

Anyone with information can call 915822510 or send an email to fugitivos@policia.es .


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