BAILEY the Labrador and I will be joining a veritable assortment of pets, owners and animal lovers on Saturday, 15th January as the centre of Estepona transforms into Noah’s Ark, hopefully without the rain.

Each year, ADANA encourages animal lovers to join their celebration of the Fiesta of San Antón, the Patron Saint of Domestic Animals, by taking part in the annual Día de las Mascotas (Pet’s Day).

ADANA, the Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals, is a popular animal rescue charity located in the hills behind Estepona. Run by volunteers, it provides shelter and care for abandoned, sick and injured animals, and aims to promote understanding, respect and affection for animals.

Día de las Mascotas will start at 12.30pm when owners and their pets will congregate at the Tourist Office on Avenida San Lorenzo. Then we’ll be walking through the town via Calle Real and Calle Las Terrazas. Padre Pedro of San Jose church will be waiting for us at Plaza Antonio Guerrero (Los Huevos) where he will bless all the animals in honour of San Antón.

Owners and their pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome. The weather forecast is looking good (not raining cats and dogs!) so please bring along your goldfish and your gecko, your dog and your donkey, your cat and your canary, to join the fun in Estepona on Saturday between 12.30 and 15.30.

For more information on how you can support ADANA and the work that they do, please visit their website on You can see pictures of the 172 dogs looking for loving forever homes, and find out how you can help this fantastic charity by donating just an hour or two of your time each week.

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