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Estepona’s new have-a-go hero

estepona hero e

RAUL Valero Chacon, 27, installs aluminium windows, roller blinds, persiana blinds and mosquito nets. A victim of the recession, Raul was made redundant but has been determined to make ends meet finding work for himself in and around his home town of Estepona.

When Raul accompanied his mother and sisters to the local market last Wednesday, he wasn’t expecting to become a hero of the hour. But it was pure instinct (and his mother’s encouragement) that caused him to react when he saw a well dressed Scandinavian lady in her late 70s running after a thief while crying out that she had been robbed.

Egged on by his mother, Raul took off after the man, eventually managing to overtake him. When he calmly faced the thief and commanded him to stop, the stunned reprobate threw down the wallet, but then reached into his back pocket.

Raul began to realise that he could be in serious danger if the thief pulled out a knife or a gun, but was hugely relieved when the East European pulled out his identity papers believing Raul to be a plain clothed policeman! Finally two agents from the Policia Nacional arrived and took the wallet and the thief away.

Of course, the victim of the crime knew nothing about this. Having not realised that a kindhearted local had made chase after the thief, the elderly lady and her husband had rushed home to cancel their credit cards and recover from their ordeal. Later that day, they were contacted by the Police and told to collect the wallet which was completely intact with all their money and credit cards inside.

The couple who were robbed have asked not to be named but were keen for expats in the area to read about the bravery, integrity, courage and honesty of Raul Valero Chacon, a modern day hero from Estepona.

The victim herself will never forgive me for calling her elderly and so I have to point out that wearing high heels, she chased the robber along two blocks of the market ground. She credits her athleticism to the thrice weekly fitness class for older ladies she attends at Pabellon Virgen del Carmen, Estepona!

Please comment below if you want details of the fitness class or if Raul can help with your aluminium, blind and mosquito net needs!

Charlotte Hanson

Copywriter, content writer, proofreader, feature writer and blogger enjoying life near the beach in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain with my other half and our beloved labrador, Bailey. We live a fairly uncomplicated life revolving around work and walking, oh and me trying to be a domesticated goddess.


  1. Raul – WELL DONE!!
    Thank you (and your Mom) for this act of kindness.
    You want go be Mayor? Our Towns NEED leaders like you and maybe your Mom could head up Administration… or Finance.. etc
    Suggestion – stay AWAY from Town Planning!

  2. Hi Raul
    Maybe you SHOULD get a job as a policeman…seems you are much more motivated than most local policemen…
    I would like to run this story in the main newspaper too!
    Particularly as it is so nicely written

  3. Outstanding public spirit Raul ! You are a credit to yourself,your mum and Estepona and when mum said “go get him” you were not going to let her down! Well done to the lady who was robbed on insisting you have the public recognition you deserve and well done Olive Press for making it so.
    I will salute you on “Mitchells Mix” today.

  4. Hello raul. I’m going to write from a translator. The translation will not be very accurate.
    I really appreciate all the words of thanks to all is something I would do 1 and 1000 times.
    Q It’s something I can not stand that goes against my principles.
    The local radio in Estepona also made ??me an interview.

    gladly will attend to all, but remember: do not speak English …. Sorry!
    Thanks so much for all this support

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