By Amie Keeley

THE EU is wading in to ban the barbaric practice of shark finning.

The European Parliament is supporting a declaration to stop the process, that sees millions of sharks killed every year just for their fins.

It comes after 50 per cent of MEPs signed a declaration for a ‘fins-attached’ policy, which would stop sharks – often still alive – from being thrown back into the water after having their fins cut off.

The shark population is in danger of becoming extinct due to the demand in China for shark fin soup.

With the numbers of Chinese migrants and visitors to Spain rising, the Olive Press is appealing to all Chinese restaurants to take shark fin soup off the menu.

The move coincides with a huge sustainable fish campaign, led in the UK by TV chef Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall.

His ‘Fish Fight’ campaign has highlighted the amount of fish which is wasted through ‘discard’ and is encouraging people to eat a wider variety of fish.

A series of programmes on Channel 4 included shocking footage of cod being dumped back in the sea dead, because it was caught over European set quotas.

Celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Spain’s Sergi Arola (see over) have also joined Hugh’s plight to change Britain’s fish-eating habits.

Major UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco have seen a huge surge in demand for sardine, coley and crab as a result.

Although the UK waters are filled with a diverse selection of fish, Britons have been addicted to cod and salmon.

Ironically, many British species are considered a delicacy in Spain. Black Bass and Torbay are both hugely popular here.

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  1. Sea Shepherd would ask that everyone eats less fish to help the oceans recover from mass over-fishing.
    We do not believe that changing fish species to target will alone lead to re-balance in the oceans.
    Sharks are paricularly at threat, so we would also ask that shark products are not bought including cartilage used in alternative medicines.

  2. shark finning is barbaric , not just another instance of man’s cruelty to wildlife ,in this case extinction is a real possibility, we have to make our voices heard.up to 100million sharks killed a year, 90% of the population lost forever , for a bowl of soup..

  3. That’s great. Let’s hope the EU “tries” to ban this barbaric practice. I was very much saddened to read that one of the “Celebrity Chefs” included GORDON RAMSAY?? Mr. Ramsay, whom did not think twice about serving HORSE meat to his diners? Something which will be reiterated by an animal welfare organization dumping a load of horse manure on his commercial residence?? Shame. No problem with horse slaughter? Yes, two wrongs do not make a right. “Shame” on you, Mr. Ramsey. It is unfortunate that your name was associated with such a very much NEEDED ban. Alas, it makes me think twice, what, ‘exactly’, how much this is for PR. Shame, shame, shame.

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