POLICE have arrested two men who deliberately caused 27 traffic accidents for ‘pure entertainment’.

The two men from Huércal Overa in Almería (Juan Maria PP, 27, and Ivan GP, 26,) placed large boulders on dangerous bends on the A7 motorway.

The pair also covered up bollards, or signposts, with black canvas, to deliberately fluster drivers.

The arrests came after a record 50 police officers were called in to investigate the crimes, which took place over a six month period, mostly on weekend.

According to police, the sole intention was to cause accidents to relieve boredom.

The pair, who mostly carried out their attacks on weekends or on the eve of public holidays, also set alight nine cars, a building and 52 rubbish containers.

The first reported incident occurred last October and involved an ambulance rushing a patient to the Immaculate Hospital in Huércal Overa.

Incredibly noone was seriously hurt in any of the accidents, which all happened on the A-7 motorway between Vera (Almeria) and Lorca (Murcia) and on the A-92N between Velez Rubio and Chirivel.

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