26 Feb, 2011 @ 08:00
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Antequera high speed train testing track gets green light

IT is every trainspotter’s dream.

The government has announced it is going ahead with its 400 million euro plan to build a trio of high-speed train testing tracks in Antequera.

The project, which the government claims will create more than 7,000 jobs, will be the largest and most advanced in Europe.

Announcing the scheme, Science Minister Cristina Garmendia said: “This is a clear example of innovation and prosperity going hand in hand.”

Speaking alongside development minister Jose Bono, she promised that the huge project would take particular care not to dig up valuable agricultural land in Antequera’s so-called ‘vega’.

She insisted that the initiative, which will be joined at one end by Santa Ana AVE station, will also not destroy any of Mollina’s vineyards.

The track, which at 55 kilometres will be the longest in the world, will allow trains to reach speeds of up to 520 kilometres an hour.

But it is not being welcomed by everyone, with over 200 protestors demonstrating against the launch in Antequera.

Politicians, trade unionists and environmentalists argue that the scheme is not sustainable and will destroy valuable farmland.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Thank goodness common sense has prevailed – this area is already suffering badly and this can only be good news to the local Spanish but thos expats such as us who live in thier country

  2. If anyone takes the time to look at the area for the proposed test track for the high speed trains you would find antequera within a few kilometres one of the oldest and historically important areas in this part of spain plus various traditional villages such as Mollina which have already had a motorway built next to it which should not be surrounded by and eye sore of steel and cables?? In this area are some of the best Vineyards ,olives and farming products all adding to the countrysides makeup. After the track is built you will stand on the hill of La Camorra at Mollina/Alamada or on El Torcal above Antequera and admire the blue rail test track of steel and wire cutting through roads ,foot paths,old dirt roads,villages ,farmland and be proud of what our generation has added to the landscape,is this what you really want!!!! not me…Spain even in the south has vast areas where this test track could go not far from its currantly proposed site,goverment please listen to your local people who work and love this area around Mollina and move it.

  3. Nice article, stupid waste of limited financial resources. This “World’s Longest Test Track” will be as usefull as the Airport Zapatero had built in his home region years ago – and not a SINGLE airline services it to this day. Or maybe the useless razil link built years ago which averaged 19 passengers/day & cost millions to operate at a loss.Zeros.
    Let’s see: Spain can’t pay their bills without borrowing at high interest rates, the Regional and Local Governments can’t pay their employees’ salaries nor social security nor prior debts… and this cost: 900K euros for the design drawings + 400MM euros (x2 with typical overruns = 800MM), etc almost 1BILLION Euros to “gain 7000 (short term in employment”)A suggestion – the Spanish government should take the 1Billion euros, GIVE IT to the “7000 employees” over 5 years at 28.570 euros/yr and they would all vote for Rubacalba…. maybe even Zapatero to come back! Besides the rediculous environmental impact and imaginative futire financial benefits – anyone who wants to travel at 520km/hr takes a PLANE! A Budget Airline, is cheaper than a train!

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