A DESPERATE battle is being waged in the high court to stop a developer from building a macroproject next to the Trafalgar lighthouse.

Environmentalists insist that the plans to build the huge hotel complex next to one of Spain’s last virgin beaches on the Costa de la Luz have been passed illegally.

They claim that the recently re-named ‘El Palmar Beach Eco-resort’ – which counts 400 bedrooms – did not go through the correct planning procedure at Vejer town hall.

Now green group Ecologistas en Accion has filed proof that the development should be stopped.

Lawyer Jose Miguel Gomez has filed papers claiming that the Malcucaña-El Palmar Plan Parcial “has not been processed according to law.”

The group insists there are ‘numerous irregularities’ in the area’s PGOU development plan. The group also claims that the project is not in the public interest but is only ‘satisfying private and political interests’.

Meanwhile a local pressure group set up to oppose the scheme (La Plataforma Salvar el Palmar) has already got more than 100,000 signatures opposing it.

Earlier this year it was announced the promoter of the scheme Riera Marsá were hoping to use tourist fair FITUR in Madrid last month to find a chain to run the business.

But group spokesman Antonio Morales, told the Olive Press: “What hotel group will want to take over a resort that has been rejected by more than 100,000 admirers of this lovely area? It is madness.”

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  1. I live in Marcucaña opposite the proposed site for the hotel (oddly enough nowhere near Trafalgar) and I think what a lot of people are forgetting is the amount of jobs the project would bring to the area. Most of the people against the hotel neither live here nor work here, nor do they have to worry about whether their children will have jobs in the future. Of course I prefer my view just the way it is but from what I can gather the hotel will be built in a way which will respect the environment as much as possible.

  2. That’s what every new development marketing team says. ther’s 20% unemployemnt in Spain. What’s new? There’s lots of reorts on that coast already partly spoiled…don’t spoiil another.
    Walse..in particular Pembrokeshiire has a fabuolous tourist industry because they DID NOT build ……. about time some though went away from developments in any case its OLD HAT….better focus on alternatives that an unspoiled area offers such as nature and freedom and naturism and etc etc rather than assume to have a job you need a development. You will regret it for sure when its ruined.

  3. I think both of the above are correct, they are trying to turn costa de la luz into costa del sol. The reason why this area is so successfull is because it is still beautifull.
    the police are hounding “hippies” because they want to clean the area up and provide golfing for retired germans and brits.
    the thing is that most of the Hippies they are trying to chase out are young professionals from Uk and Madrid who like to get a bit rustic on their holidays. These are also the people who are spending money as they are still making it, Rosario flores holidays there a lot and can be seen horse riding on the beach aswell as marta shanchez and many more.
    What they need to do is enhance what is allready there, legalise the properties that are allready built there, allow for some tastefull private homes to be built, improve the service infrastructure, etc, the result of the greens not letting anything be built only allows for the big boys to build huge hotels and sprawling ugly developments as they have the funds to bribe their way passed the firewall.
    It is likely that if they do build a hotel the staff wont be hired locally, nor will the builders be employed localy and it would ruin the area. So this would be a bad move. But allowing the property owners to legalise their existing property and build new tastefull legal properties would boost the economy. And create local employment and keep its reputation for being stunning and bohemian.

    Spain doesnt get it, pensioners are not their target market anymore, they dont spend money. Its the 25 to 35 year olds from london looking for something different that will be bringing in the cash but expect a lot more than a cheap package holiday.

    Spain has a choice, allow for building on smaller plots of land for private homes in a controlled manner, or watch its people starve.

  4. This is one of the last, unspoiled areas of the Spanish coast. Any major development will be the end of the beauty we are all able to enjoy. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    As for bringing jobs to the area, it’s not going to happen. Having previously worked in the property/hotel development business here in Spain, the work was mostly carried out by very cheap, imported labour. As was the majority of the services once built.

    You should also remember that this hotel (hotels – if 1 gets passed more will follow) will more than likely only open during the peak season, as in Sancti Petri for instance, leaving a ghost hotel or few for us all to enjoy for the rest of the year.

    As for the petition being signed by other than local people, frankly, so what! At least there are responsible people out there who recognise what a tragedy this would be and the more awareness the better.

    If you haven’t signed up already, do so now http://www.salvarelpalmar.es

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