5 Apr, 2011 @ 12:00
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Getting around in Gib – or not!

I DON’T know about you but I can’t help but ask the question of just what other crazy plans has the current establishment got in mind for the Gibraltar motorist next.

In the past number of  months they must have received a large shipment of paint as the roads are now festooned with blue and yellow lines preventing locals from even pulling up to drop off pedestrians without receiving  £100 fines, and yet the large number of foreign plated vehicles appear to go unchecked.

They have removed car parking from areas where we work and replaced them with bike and coach parks, changed free parking areas into pay and display, which I wouldn’t moan too much about if we could see the money from such schemes being spent on the much needed road repairs rather than even more blue and yellow paint to generate even more revenue from us, not to spend on road maintenance.

We have a new multi storey car park which may as well be at Europa Point for the use it currently serves and they are building another right next to it, supposedly for when the new airport terminal is opened, tunnel completed and the current runway crossing is closed to vehicles, which is all supposed to completed by, well your guess is as good as mine.

Add to this the thoughts of further car park losses when construction begins on the World Trade Centre and the increased traffic problems that will bring to an all ready over crowded district.
It all smacks of short term, knee jerk reaction planning which has not been thoroughly thought out.

Let’s face it we are in a mess, we have a large airport supposedly opening this summer which will hopefully attract more flights which means more vehicles, a very expensive tunnel to assist in traffic volume, which we are not being told when it will open and we are constantly over run with foreign plated vehicles on fuel and tobacco runs, which even with the increased tax on both appear to un abating.

When is the Government going to realise that unless they do something about it now Gibraltar will become one very large car park.

I don’t know about you but I’m off to buy a new pair of trainers, because shortly it will be the only way to get about in Gibraltar.

Karl Smallman

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  1. “I don’t know about you but I’m off to buy a new pair of trainers, because shortly it will be the only way to get about in Gibraltar”.

    I think you got the governments message then.

  2. Gibraltars traffic issues seem to be going from bad to worst especially during peak times. Drivers/passengers/workers have been enduring this sort of thing for years but we are (locals. expats, spanish inc. spanish residents) at our wits end and no solutions seem to be in sight despite all the efforts. We are simply too many commuters for such a small infrastructure. Midday commercial flight traffic adds to the problem and the tunnel problem solutions seem to be years ahead. On the other hand though. The La Linea toen hall could have had a revenue stream opportunity working with the Gibraltar Government by offering fast track park and rid schemes for commuters. Perhaps in another era!

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