IT has featured in two blockbuster films Conan the Barbarian and Indiana Jones, but now the Cueva de San Roque is about to be replaced by a shopping centre.

Demolition work has already begun on the well-known Almerian cave, known as ‘La Molineta’.

The ancient site – which played host to Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Conan movie in 1982 and later for scenes in Indiana Jones starring Harrison Ford – was due to be protected by the Junta’s culture department.

Now 30 residents associations have joined forces with the IU party to try to bring the construction to a halt.

The IU party has already raised questions in Andalucia’s parliament and a series of protests have been planned for the summer.

Under the banner Salvar La Molineta, local residents are demanding a stop to the construction of the commercial centre by company Carrida.

A demolition crew has already cleared much of the land around the so-called quarry area of La Molineta and last week started on the cave.

The residents claim that the work is also affecting nearby caves.

However, the construction company argue that the roof of the cave was about to collapse and that the site had become a haunt for local drug users.


  1. Large shopping centers were already going out of style in North America during the 1980’s .
    When is Europe going to catch up?
    You don’t catch up by repeating other peoples “mistakes”…

    What brings people to spain? It’s certainly “not shopping centers”…
    And not urbanizations that look like the suburbs that everyone is escaping from…
    That’s why they are all UNSOLD

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