By Wendy Williams

AN armless Spanish man is hoping to become the first European to pass his driving test using only his feet.

David Rivas, 33, from Madrid was born without a right arm, and only a very small, weak left arm but this has not stopped him from wanting to learn to drive.

Using a specially adapted vehicle driven with a lever instead of a steering wheel, Rivas has been attending a driving school for the last month for an average of nearly 10 hours a day.

Unfortunately he failed his first attempt after making a mistake at a junction. But he intends to try again this week.

According to Rivas he never thought he would be able to drive, until he discovered a driving school in Basauri which uses a vehicle allowing him to steer the car with an extra lever controlled by his left foot.

“I’ve always been mad about cars, ever since I was small,” he said.

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  1. I thought this sounded dangerous, but on reading the article I realised that David Rivas is not only ‘armless, but probably a better driver than most of us out there. Hope he passes this time. Good luck to him.

  2. A true story of not letting the world get you down just because you’ve been given something to overcome!


    (although it makes me wonder why when I have 2 arms and 2 legs I cant pass my driving test…)

  3. I just remembered Bernard Manning’s blind airline pilot joke.
    The interviewer asks him how he knows when to take off as he tears down the runway. He answers: When the passengers start shouting ‘****ing ‘ell”.

  4. He surely deserves lots of credit for his initiative. But the “first Spaniard to drive with his FEET? – I’ve seen many Spanish drivers who look like they’re driving with their FEET… and

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