EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

A HUGE legal battle has broken out between an organiser of a music festival and his local town hall.

Alex Brimmel, 51, one of the organisers of Orgiva’s Dragon Festival – Spain’s largest free festival – claims he has been forced to denounce his local town hall.

Brimmel insists he is being chased unfairly for over 30,000 euros over a random denuncia he received while attending the last festival in 2009.

The British builder, who has lived in the Granada town for many years, insists it stems from pitching a marquee and running a bar on a private plot of land during the festival.

“It is absurd,” said Brimmel. “My lawyer says it should now be out of date but the town hall bypassed normal channels so it cannot be resolved.

“Now I have to counter denounce the Mayor for being unconstitutional.”

According to Brimmel the conflict began when Orgiva town hall excavated large holes in Los Cigarrones – the site of the festival held from 1997 to 2009 – in order to stop revellers from arriving.

“They claimed they were for a tree planting project, but in reality it was just an attempt to stop the festival,” explained Brimmel.

“Instead 3000 just people squatted on the few fincas that had not been dug up, many of them private.”

He insists he heard nothing more about the charge until a year later he got a bill for 30,004 euros.

“It has now gone up to 33,004 euros and counting and I don’t know what to do.”

Four others have already gone to court and seen their cases resolved.

“But I have never had a chance to clear my name as they won’t take me to court for some reason. I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible as I am losing sleep.”

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  1. This unending victimization of Alex Brimmel has to end immediately.He has been living under this shadow for quite a few years now and really is the only victim in this alleged ´crime´.He has always shown himself to be a caring honorable and hard working person,and this dogged persecution by the powers that be in the town hall of Orgiva is blatantly unfair and grossly unjust.I imagine that all he wants is to be left in peace to get on with his life.Give him a break please. Leonie Taylor

  2. Leave Alex alone and take care of more pressing issues, the Dragon Fest could have been supported by the town and might
    have actually become a very positive yearly event that promoted the areas incredibly talented artists and performers.
    Instead they fought its evolution and shot themselves in the foot.

  3. just to put the record straight,1 of the 4 cases has been resolved.skott(me)won his court case with alot of hard work and luck!(thanks celia)Nick lost his case ,its gone to appeal,Miot hasnt received a court date yet.thanks to everyone who supported us.

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