A ROW is brewing between Gibraltar and La Linea over the Rock’s controversial land reclamation programme.

The opposition PP party is calling on new PSOE mayor Gemma Araujo to confront Peter Caruana over the loss of sand on some of its beaches.

The PP insists damage to a string of beaches is a result of the Rock’s attempt to reclaim 7,500 square metres of land from the sea.

Curiously however, local ecologists are actually blaming the Spanish coastal authority for dredging at La Atunara port.

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  1. Tidal flow in the area is predominantly from north to south, as has been proven by the recent dredging of la atunara harbour and the clearing of sand from it’s northern aproaches.
    On the western side of the istmus it is the same, furthermore a barrier was created when la linea built the long arm to protect its yacht basin..
    if natural sand erosion is not being replenished it must be due to the crisnavis reclamation (half the size of gibraltar) of which, obviously we hear no mention….

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