By Wendy Williams

RAP fans were left l.i.v.i.d after paying 120 euros to see 50 Cent ‘stand in a corner’.

Hundreds of punters were furious when the US superstar failed to perform a single song during an appearance at the Funky Buddha nightclub in Puerto Banus.

Instead of a live performance by the multi-millionaire rapper, all they got was him spraying champagne from the VIP enclosure, behind a massive wall of security.

“It was completely false marketing,” a source told the Olive Press. “50 Cent was just hosting the event but this was not made apparent in the advertising.

“The way it was promoted it looked like he was performing and everyone assumed he was playing.

“The fans were rightly furious and it led to some scuffles. They paid 120 euros rather than the normal 20 believing they would see 50 Cent perform, but they got none of it.

“He came on stage for about five seconds, said that he was glad to be here and then vanished. His performance was worth about 50 cents – not 120 euros!”

Certainly the marketing left a lot to be desired. According to the club’s Facebook page the superstar was ‘coming down to the Golden Mile to kill it and show the coast how to have a massive night.’

One fan has since posted angrily on Facebook claiming: “What a scam! There was no show. I didn’t pay 100 euros to watch him spray champagne! I have put a claim in the complaints book.”

Meanwhile, new club China White, also in Puerto Banus, has been in trouble for breaking promises to clubbers.

The club – which is being pursued through the courts by internationally renowned Chinawhite for using their name – promised to have performances by rappers including Snoop Dog and this summer.

But so far the only rapper to perform is Flo Rida and, according to sources, the nightclub promoter Johnny ‘B’ Gomez, is no longer with them.

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