30 Aug, 2011 @ 13:32
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Dowsed in mystery

EXCLUSIVE By James Bryce

ITS apparent reliability has seen those who practice it hired by global corporations to find oil, gas and water supplies.

But the art of ‘dowsing’ – using a Y-shaped rod as a locator- has benefits beyond mere physical gain, according to one experienced practitioner.

Julie Narewski, 61, has been dowsing professionally for 10 years and while she admits that ‘some people might not agree with it’, she insists there are health benefits.

“I have taught healing for years and I find there are health benefits that come with dowsing,” said Narewski, who runs the Centre for Reiki Training in San Andreas, Competa along with her husband Rob.

“I have worked with people who suffer from Schizophrenia and it has clearly had a positive effect on them.

“I think people that have experienced it are quite surprised by how it makes them feel.”

The art of dowsing remains shrouded in mystery, with no one able to explain exactly how it works – but whatever the answer, mother-of-four Narewski claims anyone can do it.

“It doesn’t take very long to learn, you only need two to three hours of practice,” she said.

“I have taught quite a lot of people to dowse and most people get the hang of it.”

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