AN MP, who used official House of Commons notepaper to order neighbours off her land in Granada, wept in court at a committal hearing over fraud this week.

Ms Moran, 56,  looked pale and frail as she arrived with a beret and glasses to face 21 charges at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London.

The former Labour member, who owns a big estate near Orgiva, sobbed throughout the hearing and had to be given a tissue by a court official.

The allegations consist of 15 counts of false accounting and six of forgery.  One alleges she falsely claimed 25,500 euros for dry rot on a home in Southampton more than 100 miles from her constituency.

Moran had incorrectly sued the Olive Press after we revealed how she had used the official notepaper to ward neighbours off a series of paths through her land.

Moran was remanded on unconditional bail to appear at London’s Southwark Crown Court on October 28 for a plea hearing.

The former politician spoke only briefly, in a faltering voice, to confirm her name and date of birth.

She sobbed into a handkerchief as she waited for the hearing to start.


  1. Any politician who cheats antone who cheats on should be treated the same as someone who cheats on social benefits. Because both live on the handouts they get from those that work hard to make 100 euro starting with 1.

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