A BRITISH mother believes her six-year-old son was almost the victim of a Maddie McCann-style kidnapping in Spain.

Toni Clarkson from Solihull wants to warn other tourists about her horrific ordeal after a prowler let himself into her hotel room using a cloned key card.

“It could have been another Maddie McCann,’ said the 39-year-old mother, who was on holiday with her partner and three sons.

“I had no idea he was there, and it was only my six-year-old’s tears that stirred me from sleep.”

The terrified family, who were staying at the Levante Beach Apartment Hotel in Benidorm, chased the 6ft 4in intruder off.

They believe that he had been in the apartment for 15 minutes, as he had raided their safe. “The hotel manager told us the CCTV was not working and they’d had problems,” she added.

A hotel spokesman said police are ‘investigating’, adding: “It is not common.”


  1. This story is nonsense. First of all, the Madelaine McCann case has nothing to do, whatsoever, with burglary. If a person is coming to snatch a child, they do not start emptying the safe of valuables. That is just daft.

    Also, why is a picture of Madelaine fronting this piece? I wish the OP would stop milking this story.

    If you read the story it was a quote from Toni and not OP ,
    “It could have been another Maddie McCann,’ said the 39-year-old mother .
    Some may not like MM’s story and Pic being repeated but there is always the glimmer of hope that it may help in some way in finding her .
    I’m sure her Parents Kate and Jerry are still living in hope .
    It’s also an eyeopener to Holidaymakers in Benidorm and anywhere else for that matter , that Room Burglaries are very common and very dangerous .
    It wasn’t too long ago that Tyrone’s Mickey Harte’s daughter was murdered while on Honeymoon when she interrupted her Room being burgled .

  3. What does burglarising a room have to do with Madelaine McCann, John? Of course we live in hope for Madelaine, but this story has nothing, whatsoever, to do with that story. You may as well connect the McCann case to every holiday burglary where a child was sleeping with parents.

    What does burglarising a room have to do with Madelaine McCann, John?

    For the 2nd time this Family that were burgled in Benidorm mentioned MM , quoted by the child’s Mother Toni .

  5. John, for the third time, this story has nothing to do with Madelaine McCann, at all, and never will have. A family were burgled in their hotel room, as are hundreds of others each year, and they have nothing to do with the McCann case either.

  6. I haven’t read anything incorrectly Jon. When I said “this story is nonsense” I referred to the story of the mother, and that remains my belief. The OP didn’t tell the story; the mother did. I am only saying that this case has a totally different intention to that of the Madelaine McCann incident. In the Clarkson’s case the intention was to burgle their holiday flat. In the McCann case, the child went missing and there was no burglary. A person burgling a flat does not normally finish by deciding to abduct a child.

    And again, we don’t need another picture of Madelaine. Google has 500,000+ of them.

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