A DANGEROUS British paedophile who has already been extradited from America is believed to be living in Spain, according to detectives.

Dominic Stephen Powell, 48, from Coventry, who sexually assaulted two young girls and is described as ‘high-risk’, heads the list of dangerous criminals living at large in Spain.

He is one of ten fugitives – including a murderer and drug traffickers – sought by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Among those being hunted is suspected drug trafficker Simon Dutton, 34, from Bolton, who is believed to have imported nearly two million euros of cocaine into the UK from Spain.

Other criminals on the list include Kirk Bradley, 26, and Tony Downes, 25, both from Liverpool, who the Olive Press reported earlier this year had fled to Spain after escaping from a prison van in Manchester.

The pair – described as ‘dangerous and violent’ – were due to stand trial for conspiracy to possess firearms to endanger life and conspiracy to damage property with intent to endanger life.

Andrew Terrence Moran, 29, from Manchester, escaped from a Burnley courtroom while being tried for armed robbery, while Derek McGraw Ferguson (also known as William Murdoch Henderson), 47, from Glasgow, is wanted for murder.

The Scot has a number of distinguishing marks including tattoos of an arrow and a dagger and a chunk missing from his left ear.

The list also includes William ‘Buff’ Thoms Robert Paterson, 32, from Glasgow, and Allan James Foster, 39, from South Shields, who are wanted for unconnected murders.

Another suspected murderer on the list is Kevin Thomas Parle, 31, from Liverpool, and Christopher Guest More, 34, from Cheshire, was part of a gang who killed a man who refused to hand over cash.

He is also wanted in connection with the attempted murder of another man and for the false imprisonment and assault of other victims.

Andy Baker, deputy director of SOCA, said: “Operation Captura has proved immensely successful, not only in aiding the arrest of individuals attempting to hide amongst the expat community in Spain, but also as a means of raising the profile of these individuals and making Spain a hostile environment for British criminals.”

If you know any of these men pls email Jon@theolivepress.es or call our news desk on 0034 951166060.

Callers from Spain to crimestoppers can contact a special freephone Spanish 900 555 111 telephone number which will be answered in the UK by Crimestoppers call agents.

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  1. Many criminals who have set up a new life in Spain have set up legitimate business and appears to bet living a nice normal family life, they open a business and clean their dirty money, living the high life in the sun. It has been this way for many years and does not look like it will change!

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