KATE Middleton may have been given lessons on etiquette by the Royal Family, but she has still been caught with her pants down.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her new husband Prince William have been included in this year’s list of new ‘caganers’ – a Catalan custom showing people defecating.

The famous couple are being displayed in their wedding outfits in a less than regal position as part of the Christmas tradition that dates back to the 18th century.

The figures, hidden in the nativity scenes, are said to symbolize fertility, hope and prosperity for the coming year.

They also stress that everyone is equal from royalty to peasants, who all have to use the loo.

But the couple shouldn’t be insulted as the caganers, although traditionally portrayed as a Catalan peasant man, have more recently become a barometer of popularity with the years most famous stars being chosen.

This year they will be joined by Columbian beauty Shakira and her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique, as well as Barca striker Lionel Messi.

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