THE trial of four ETA members has been restarted after the original judge was heard calling the accused cabrones, or ‘bastards’.

Speaking to a colleague about the wife of murdered Basque councillor Jose Javier Mugiva, Judge Angela Murillo said: “Poor woman. And on top of everything those bastards are laughing.”

Unfortunately, her microphone was still switched on and she has now been forced to step down.


  1. The literal translation of cabron is a man whose wife has cheated on him (while he is not aware of it). It comes from the word goat (cabra, cabron is big goat). Often translated as bastard (but that means child of.the milk man in stead of the official daddy, like many Royals have…). The insult is on a man not even knowing even his wife laughs at him. Anyway. Very professional this judge stepped down. Lady justice should be impartial and weigh all evidence presented.

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