A NEW airport terminal to be built on the Spanish side of the border has a budget of seven million euros, officials have announced.

The three-storey building will house offices and storage spaces alongside passport control, security gates and passenger lounges.

The Spanish Airport Authority (AENA) also announced that the 2,000 square metre structure, to be built on former military property, will have parking spaces for up to 400 vehicles.

However, the joint-use agreement between Gibraltar and La Linea still remains unresolved, with the upcoming elections casting further doubt on the details.

It follows the announcement that Gibraltar’s new terminal will begin accepting incoming flights from November 26, with departures to start at a later date.

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  1. No I did not. I meant what’s best for their electorates on both sides of the border and that’s probably improved infrastructure and permanent jobs. Or don’t people on the Spanish side of the border work Carlos?

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