28 Nov, 2011 @ 19:23
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Gay abandon at Conservative win in Spain

A GAY couple were photographed kissing outside the PP headquarters in Madrid as the party – known for its opposition to gay marriage – celebrated election victory.

The two men were seen in the passionate embrace in a report by TV channel Al Jazeera, which was reporting from the scene.

It comes as the PP threatens to repeal gay marriage legislation and the president of the Spanish bishops federation condemned gay marriage.

The move has led to leader of ExpoGays, Javier Checa, to insist that homosexuals should not take part in Semana Santa this year.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. So the KKK doesn’t want any easter bunnies in their processions ???

    Seriously ME the Spanish may be ignorant in many things but I don’t find them “bigoted, racist, homophobic” at all ….. and calling them a “race” is putting you a bit on the bigoted side I dare say.

  2. Calling the Spanish racist is totally inaccurate rather than bigoted and Ali Bondiga did you miss the many occasions when football and formula 1 fans racially abused black footballers and Hamilton?

    And did you not see all the racist comments especially against the Arabs (who are indeed a race) made by Spanish on this forum?

  3. Come on Stuart, its a bit fuerte to call the Spanish racist because some, most likely a bit intoxicated, dodos in carnival thought it funny to dress as gorillas and wave to LH

    for professional motives I was at the training session in Jerez following the incident in Barcelona, and guess what nada but normal fun seeking F1 fans and a sad bunch of British Scandal Seeking Journalists looking for blood ……..

    as to footballers I dare say that comments from that corner regarding anything but a leather ball, hopefully aren’t taken too serious

    as to Arabs and comments against them ……. I am sure you are well aware that Andalusia was almost 800 years under Arab rule, do the math, there aren’t too many Spaniards without Arab blood around …… that btw is why things are a bit different then in the UK – its not just the sun if you haven’t noticed ……

    in regards to calling black, black or white, white they may not be as politically correct as in N. European countries but I have yet to hear any malicious comment in regards to race or different religions ……

    which is not something I can say for the UK, where I have heard many such a stupid remark

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