30 Nov, 2011 @ 11:39
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Anything but old puffers

THEY proved that there was very much life after 50.

A fantastic range of businesses and individuals made the annual Over 50s Show, in Estepona, a roaring success.

Here, Mark from anti-smoking company Total Cigarettes shows off his device.


Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Another nicotine con.The pushers have found a new way to keep the punters on board.This foolish-looking device may stop the stink and perhaps some of the sharing of poison, but it keeps it’s nicotine claws firmly lodged into it’s victims. Don’t be fooled folks, this thing won’t “help you to give up” it will merely consolidate your addiction.If you really want to stop, I’m afraid that somewhere on that journey you will have to ride the cold-turkey to freedom.

  2. Having attended the Over 50s Show last weekend I was quite pleased to find this article in the Olive Press although I will admit I was slightly taken back by ‘Stefanjo’s’ perhaps dismissive and basic comments.

    As the Managing Director of Total Electronic Cigarettes (TC) who participated in this popular tradefair, I take offence to the nonsensical and destructive words of Stefanjo. As a daily user of electronic cigarettes, I would NOT consider this marvel of technology, functionality and design to be a ‘foolish-looking device’ nor would I consider it a ‘nicotine con’??

    If there is a con, it is the Tobacco industry, but again there are many vices in life; should people not be given a choice? Although that debate goes beyond my comments, it is important that I clarify a few basic items: I am not anti-smoking and I am not doing an impression of a bull in the photo; this is Conor my colleague…and a great impression he is doing!

    As an ex dedicated smoker for over 15 years I became both annoyed and frustrated by my desire/need to consume my daily 20-25 cigarettes. For me cessation devices did not work and I learnt about electronic cigarettes. This was the alternative that I was looking for and I went to purchase the only one available in Gibraltar marketed for £99.00. Six months later, I left my job as a Development Survey and dedicated my life to providing a range of high quality and affordable electronic cigarettes.

    We now sell the highest quality and most popular electronic cigarettes in Gibraltar priced at a fraction of what they used to be. Since the incorporation of Total Electronic Cigarettes, there are over a quarter of a million tobacco cigarettes ‘still’ on the open market, having been replaced by one of our TC electronic cigarette products!

    I believe this to be a wonderful fact that proves the massive potential not only to individuals but also to a much wider audience including families and the general public. To identify me as a ‘pusher’, ‘fooling folks’ is more than contemptible.

    Total Electronic Cigarettes simply offer smokers a real alternative to traditional cigarettes, free of tar without tobacco, without combustion and without second-hand smoke which means they can be used in non-smoking venues.

    I personally have physically inspected all of the factories that manufacture Total Cigarette nicotine inhalers, sampled hundreds of products and heavily invested to ensure our products are some of the best on the market. Total Cigarettes are rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control and CE Assessment.

    Below I have included a couple of relevant, up-to-date articles I have recently read including one by The Guardian Newspaper in the UK and the other published in The New York Times, USA. Perhaps Stefanjo may learn a little more about what an electronic cigarette actually is, and its tremendous potential to change an industry responsible as the single greatest cause of illness and premature death in the UK (Smoking).



    Total Electronic Cigarettes: A fantastic product without the ‘stink’.

    Mark Williams
    Managing Director
    Total Electronic Cigarettes
    123/2 Main Street, Gibraltar

  3. Its was more of a late night rant Steve, but thanks for reading :). We accept paypal and welcome visitors to our retail warehouse in Gibraltar. Ahhh that WAS blatant advertising. lol Best, Mark

  4. Well said Steve. Marks “rant” was of course blatant product placement in the guise of a defence of his gizmo.I figure he crossed the moderating/deleting line at least twice. In “advertising for profit or gain” and including names and addresses as well as a link that goes directly to a web site that flogs the things. Que pasa Olive Press? Is it possible that we may soon see these things advertised in your esteemed publication? I agree that plastic fags are an improvement on the stinkweed, but my point is, you stay hooked on nicotine. So if the plastic fantastic is not available to a user, he/she will have to resort to the “real thing” Nicotine slaves don’t have “freedom of choice” they just “gotta have it”. Being a Guardian reader most of my life, I’m familiar with the quoted article, which is hardly an endorsement when it tells us that those hotbeds of repression, Canada and Australia,among others, will not allow them to be sold there. Final point, (promise) the real con about nicotine is the fact that it is a lousy drug, it does nowt for you, no buzz, no euphoria, no fun at all. Just relief from the withdrawal symptoms that it has caused. So kick the habit and spend your money on a tasty Fino from Jerez instead. Support your local bodega!

  5. Great points Stefanjo,

    My gizmo needs little defense although it does require understanding.

    Just a few quick comments:

    You may be interested to learn that the electronic cigarettes sold in Spain (Canada and Australia) actually don’t contain nicotine! That is to say, electronic cigarettes sold in stores in Spain do no contain or provide an option to contain nicotine.


    Is nicotine a lousy drug?

    Out of interests sake, I believe ‘breathing fire’, i.e. burning tobacco for recreational use actually started in Spain. Nicotine would have been the major driving force that has resulted in over 1 billion smokers in the world consuming tobacco products for their nicotine hit.

    Nicotine is very addictive but on a basic level, it is a natural alkaloid much like caffeine. What is really lousy though is the delivery device; most people smoke for the nicotine, not the host of poisons and tar that accompanies it in a traditional cigarette.

    You seem to condem nicotine and promote alcohol?

    ‘Alcohol more harmful than heroin or crack’ (The Guardian, Sarah Boseley 1st Nov 2010)

    Perhaps we can discuss over a nice Fino in your local bodega, shame it will be non smoking,,,but I will bring my TC with nicotine. ;)

  6. Sorry to break my promise, but I have to ask, why do people suck on these things if they aren’t hooked on anything in them ? Wouldn’t a baby’s dummy do just as well? Alcohol can be used sensibly and sparingly and does not neccesarily lead to addiction, whereas tobacco/nicotine does so very quickly. Rare indeed is the person who can take or leave their chosen nicotine delivery system. Which is why the death-toll from tobacco is hugely greater than that from alcohol. All drugs are dodgy of course and none are to be recommended. However humans seem to like altering their consciousness,so, value for money, safety and a “good buzz” are what’s required. Unfortunately the plastic fantastic only serves up the first two. For which I guess, a reluctant round of applause is yours. They do look daft though. They flog them on Ryanair now, I still chuckle at the memory of a guy asking the attendant for a light when he bought some.

  7. Thanks Stefanjo

    lol A baby’s dummy may work also, although it doesn’t have the same cues as smoking such as holding it in your hand and inhaling and importantly exhaling a vapour. There seems to be a small niche market that benefits from the merits of a nicotine free electronic cigarette although if given the option, many would choose to start with a nicotine electronic cigarette as it really is an instant and much cleaner alternative.

    Although we differ on the beauty of these products, I should note that Ryan Air sell a product called similar which is in fact often confused with an electronic cigarette. It is more of a flavoured inhaler without the hightech gadgetry and vapour production.

    Wishing you the best,

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