20 Dec, 2011 @ 15:38
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Basque drug club

The Basque Country could be set to legalise cannabis. The Socialist government wants to establish regulated clubs where people can smoke the drug grown by other members.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Oh dear, the legalised tobacco barons won’t like this at all, neither will the alcohol barons.

    Heinekin was going out of business in the Netherlands in the 60-70s because 99% of young Dutch would’nt touch alcohol at all – they drank Chocomel and Orange Julius instead.

    Heinekin’s only chance of survival was to create an export market which they did very successfully across Europe and especially in the USA, just look at how strong this Dutch brand is now.

    No.1 killer drug on the planet – alcohol / No.2 killer – tobacco – strange these two narcotics hav’nt acheived Class A status – silly me – huge profits. Remember when Tony the Liar entertained these drug barons at Chequers – at our expense.

    Good move by the Euskadi but they are a very inteligent and hard working people – let’s see how the PP react in Madrid.

  2. Exquisite timing by the Basques, just as the Dutch, especially in Amsterdam, intend to utterly outlaw the semi-legal trade in pot. But, are they prepared for the swarms of dopers who will descend on their sleepy little world ? Do they actually want tourists who will laugh uncontrollably, eat everything in sight and spend loads of money ? Sounds dangerous, the powers-that-be will never stand for it.

  3. whats wrong with the decriminalization of something thats freely avaliable in a country anyway – I never heard of anyone beating up their wife , fighting or behaving in an abusive manner when stoned but I have seen plenty of such behaviour from drunks . How can something that grows naturally on the planet be illegal .The biggest damage to people is from the legal drug ALCOHOL .

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