BUDGET airline Ryanair has outraged Spanish housewives by ‘exploiting the female body’ in its 2012 calendar.

The calendar – featuring scantily-clad Ryanair crew members – has so far raised 100,000 euros for Malaga-based charity DEBRA.

But this has not stopped the Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers (TYRIUS) from making a formal complaint.

It follows the announcement that the low-cost carrier will cut half of its routes to and from Alicante next year in a row over the use of air bridges.

The cull will mean a reduction of 1.5 million in passenger numbers.

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  1. Does anyone else find it odd that the Málaga-based charity to which the calendar proceeds go is called “DE-BRA”? Why not offer equal time and make a “The Men of RyanAir” calendar, too? They could offer their proceeds to the Chueca-based charity, “DE-JOCK”. ;)

    Saludos, GranadaMan

  2. I’ve only flown once with Ryanair and none of their stews looked as good as this.

    How many remember the gorgeous girls of B/ Cal. I had a friend, his girlfriend was one and one day she arrived back from a flight with 4 others in tow – unbelieveably beautiful in their tartan uniforms. It’s well known that businessmen demanded flying with that airline – and who could blame them.

  3. ridiculous to say Ryanair exploits anyone-no one has to fly with them. But they have brought cheap flying to the masses- 32m passengers last year. No, I dont work for them and dont particularly like their brash approach but I admire there success at breaking airline and airport price cartels. And these women in the calendar are hardly scantily clad compared to the many females on any beach in Spain. Fuss about nothing and if they raise money for charity, good on them

  4. You’re right Steve … imagine what BA would be charging by now if it weren’t for airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet.
    They are part of the reason for Spain’s popularity amongst foreigners.
    As for the girls, looks like a lot of Photoshop to me!

  5. Just a point but have these housewives let themselves turn to blubber.

    I read the other day that 25% of women in the UK are obese, probably about the same percentage in Spain as well.

    Now that women athletes don’t take steroids anymore, Russian and East European red fascists made their female athletes take them – take a look at how gorgeous women can look when they are truly fit – that is natural woman.

    The problem with most women in Europe is that they eat badly and exercise even less, they seem to think it is not feminine to keep fit and boy does it show.

  6. Hi Stuart, referring to your comment at no. 3, I remember the tartan clad stewardesses well. At one point when I was fed up travelling into Glasgow every day to work for the City Council I sent for the application forms. On page one you were told to attach a particular sized full length photograph of yourself, you also had to fill in your height, weight, bust, waist and hip measurements. At the time I was (and still am) 5′ 6″ and 9 stone 7 lbs (not saying what I am now) and my hips were one size bigger than the other two. I decided there and then, being the classic ‘pear shape’ that they wouldn’t want me and never completed the application. I still think I would have suited the uniform although I wasn’t fussy on the hat.

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