DRIVING schools in Zaragoza have come under fire for charging female pupils more than their male counterparts.

According to the Aragon Consumers Union, 18 schools charged 665 euros for men and 850 euros for women between the ages of 18 and 22.

However the schools have insisted that it is a fact that women need more lessons before they are ready to pass their test.

Carlos Bricio, president of the Zaragoza Driving Schools Association, argued that while women need 50 per cent more tuition than men, they are only charging them 30 per cent more.

But this has been dismissed by the National Confederation of Driving Schools which described the differential as ‘something straight out of the last century.’

The offer has since been stopped and Bricio commented ‘if we made a mistake, we apologise.’


  1. Anyone seen the Spanish driving test in action? Down my way it is five traffic cones placed 10 metres apart and then they drive around them for an hour, preferably between the cones.

    Gotta love Carlos Bricio’s comments though, hilarious.

  2. What a comment about women’s ability! If Carlos is MARRIED, I hope for his sake he has a comfortable SOFA in his Salon… or
    a padded RUG near the chimnea/dog’s bed, a heated garage or trastero… etc!

  3. Bricio commented ‘if we made a mistake, we apologise.’

    ….. of course you made a mistake Don Bricio: They (the womanfolk) need 50% more tuition and you only charge 30% more – no wonder Spain is bankrupt.

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