By Wendy Williams

Picture: © Ellen Widdup

A WOMAN who launched an internet campaign to track down a hunk she met on a Spanish holiday, has discovered he is ‘already taken’.

Sadly, Julia Cross, a PR consultant from London, did not get the fairytale ending she had hoped for after her Prince Charming Martin O’Kane got in touch to say he was ‘flattered’ but already had a girlfriend.

The tale of thwarted love comes after Cross and O’Kane met at an Ibiza nightclub in September and shared a kiss as they watched the sunrise.

After Cross failed to hear from her lover the 33-year-old, became convinced she had given him the wrong number.

It was left to her friends to launch a Facebook and Twitter campaign dubbed ‘Find Martin’ to help her rekindle the holiday romance.

In her appeal she said ‘he seemed like a really considerate guy, and I would be delighted if he got in contact’.

But O’Kane has now come forward revealing he got back together with an old girlfriend after his trip to Ibiza.

However, when contacted this weekend, he suggested the media should run a competition for someone to date Cross if she ‘would be up for it.’

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  1. Julia, I’m glad you had a dreamy evening and had the sense to figure out who this nightmare is. You are far too classy for this man child who is still caught in his frat days and thinks boobs define a woman. You can do much better.

  2. Women will start to find the right men as soon as they quit listening to their instincts and start using their brains. Men figured out how to use those instincts to get them into bed for a one niter long ago. Unfortunately, it tends to make them think they have found the right man, when all they have found is another snake in the grass.

  3. Dear Julia,
    I am sorry that the Prince did not work out! however, you are a very good-looking woman and if your inner self is even half as pretty as your outter self, it will not be ong for the right man to find you!
    He does look a little slack jawed for you. As well as not looking to smart either. do not sell yourself short, a good one will find you!

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