THE Mediterranean diet, long renowned for its health benefits, could actually add three years to your life.

According to researchers the diet – high in fruits, vegetables, fish and wholegrain cereals – provides a rich source of anti-oxidants that prevent cancer, heart disease and can even slow the ageing process.

Indeed scientists from Sweden’s University of Gothenburg who studied the eating habits of 1,200 over-70s found participants who followed a Mediterranean style diet were 20 per cent more likely to be alive eight years later and lived far longer on average.

“In practice older people who eat a Mediterranean diet live an estimated two to three years longer than those who don’t,” explained Gianluca Tognon, whose study is published in the journal Age.

“There is no doubt that a Mediterranean diet is linked to better health.”


  1. …. nothing like frying fish & vegetables to kill the nutrients, fruit is for export to quirilandia – local fruit is called chuche and the wholemeal stuff whatever that is was illegally imported from Norther Europe ……

    Why do they call it the Mediterranean Diet ?

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