POLICE have made four new visits to Spain since reopening the hunt for missing toddler Maddie McCann.

It has emerged that the Scotland Yard detectives have so far spent 1.9m euros in the ‘revisit’ to the case over the last nine months.

Now they are also set to re-interview the so-called ‘Tapas Seven’ over the mystery disappearance in 2007 on the Algarve.

The group of friends were eating with Maddie’s parents at a nearby restaurant in Praia de Luz on the night the toddler disappeared.

Officers will now re-examine the statements made by the group – with claims made by two of them, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield – of ‘particular interest’.

Tanner claimed to have seen a man carrying a girl who resembled Maddie shortly after 9pm, while Oldfield is said to have checked on the children but did not open the door wide enough to see the toddler.

There are said to be three detective chief inspectors, five detective sergeants and 19 detective constables working on the case.

They are being supported by six civilian staff and three officers from the specialist murder review group.

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  1. When I read about children being abducted, I feel really sick our children are innocent, why in heavens name, can’ t they be left alone. The children do not belong to anyone else but their own family. I cannot imagine what Maddie is going through, she is a bright child and she knows who her parents are. I only hope she is reunited with her parents soon.

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