ASPIRIN could help to prevent cancer as well as protecting the heart and arteries, claim to scientists.

In what could be a major breakthrough in the battle against the disease, one study showed that low daily doses of the painkiller reduced the risk of developing cancer by a quarter over three years.

The risk of dying from cancer was reduced further, by 37 per cent, if aspirin was taken daily for five years or more.

Another study, one of three published in two Lancet journals by scientists at Oxford University, showed that aspirin reduced the chances of cancer spreading by almost 50 per cent.

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  1. This is an irresponsible article which may give people false hope. There’s no likelihood that aspirin will offer any kind of cure for cancer nor even prevent it. Check the medical journals yourself. You can consult papers in PubMed online for free. This is headline grabbing. You can link the word “may” to just about any medical claim and you have some copy to publish. Anyone worried about cancer should dismiss this article altogether and consult a qualified medical practitioner.

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