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‘One treatment and I had stopped!’

SMOKING is going up, despite the tougher smoking ban brought in at the start of last year.

As revealed in the Olive Press last issue a new study reveals that 17.6 per cent of Spaniards now smoke which is 0.5 per cent more than in the previous study, in 2007.

And more alarmingly there has been an increase in the number of children aged 13 to 16 taking up the habit.

“I am absolutely shocked it has gone up,” says Carol Adams from Stop Smoking in Spain.

“You would think it would have automatically gone down.

“It must be young people who have started smoking that are pushing up the numbers.

“I guess it is still quite cool at that age. They don’t understand the dangers.

“The only thing you can do is to scare them with education,” added Adams, who is now a fully qualified Bioresonance therapist who has helped thousands of people to stop smoking for good.

“As an ex smoker myself I know just how hard it is to kick the habit, and the addiction.

“I tried many times and failed due to a lack of willpower and the massive craving of nicotine. I then discovered Bioresonance therapy.

“I flew to the UK, had one treatment and stopped for good. The cravings had gone and when I thought about a cigarette, I was in control of it rather than it being in control of me.”

Believing this was something that all smokers should at least try Carol and her husband Richard then set up Stop Smoking in Spain, which is now celebrating seven years on the coast.

“Most of the clients I have treated are introduced by word of mouth which is a lovely way for me to run a business particularly one that also unquestionably saves lives,” adds Carol.

Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic therapy and has been used to treat allergies, asthma, skin problems and addiction problems in Europe for over 25 years.

The therapy cancels out the nicotine addiction rather than trying to replace it, and also gives the body a complete detox.

With this kind of addiction detox, the physical component of the addiction will be greatly diminished.

For more information visit www.stopsmokinginspain.com or call (00 34) 649 123 238.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Bioresonance? A complete detox? I smell placebo B.S. People stop when they WANT to stop. Until that genuine desire, all the props in the world won’t help. And that’s all this is, a prop. Get some cojones people, and wrestle that nicotine demon to the floor under your own steam. You know it makes sense….

  2. I know quite a few people that have given up using Bioresonance. Including myself. It’s a shame that people aren’t more open minded about such things. If all humans were like that then we’d still be in the stone age.

  3. This IS the sort of voodoo that people in the stone age practised. We’ve come a long way since then. Or have we? They may have given up smoking AFTER “bioresonance” but not BECAUSE of it.

  4. I have smoked since i was 11, now 52 , 20 a day, had to have an op so got the nicorette plastic ciggie, never had a cig since i gave up 1 year ago, if i can do it anyone can

  5. Jan Setch: Well done for kicking the stinkweed. But are you still on the plastic fantastics? That nicotine grips like a bear trap. Never mind, anything is better than actually smoking.

  6. Some 8 or 9 years ago my wife told me she was going for this treatment. Like a good few people here my initial reaction was that it had to be a con and she was throwing her money away. My wife went, had the treatment and hasn’t smoked since. I don’t know or care if it is science or ju-ju; it works!

  7. Well spoken Bill. I think that’s a far more mature view than simply dismissing it as “placebo B.S”. When I had it done, it did in deed seem to remove the addiction.

  8. Great news Bill. Was your wife Alice ?
    It sure does work as I see it time and time again and it worked for me and my husband after trying everything else to stop

  9. Just what is the science behind this “miracle” process? Is there anything physical going on, or is it all in the mind? If the latter, fine, placebo is an extremely powerful force, anything that convinces people to stop smoking is to be applauded and just because people KNOW it’s a placebo doesn’t stop it working. But let’s face it, the only “ology” here, begins with “kid”.

  10. All the anecdotes in the world mean nothing. The only possible way to ‘prove’ this theory is by a placebo controlled, blinded trial. If the people pushing this treatment really believed that it worked they would have done this. Have they?

  11. It doesn´t matter how many sock puppets pop up here and pretend that “bioresonance therapy” cured their smoking addiction, it´s still a fraud and a scam. As Mike Linnell, from drugs charity Lifeline, said; “the ‘scientific’ explanation of this ‘treatment’ belongs in an episode of Doctor Who.”

    Knocking down these new health scams that pop up every year is like playing “whack-a-mole”.

  12. When my wife said she wanted to try this treatment I said she was mad and that it was an obvious con and a waste of money. She even had to get a friend to give her a lift to the session because I wouldn’t take her. BUT she has never smoked since! Be as cynical as you like but it worked. Her sister took the treatment and stopped as well for several years before restarting (when her son died).

    I am sure that motivation is important. You have to genuinely want to stop (as opposed to talking or fantasising about it) but whatever the reason in my wife’s case it worked.

    We can argue about the reasons it works, which for all I know may be largely psychological, but if it helps people stop smoking it cannot be bad.

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