17 Apr, 2012 @ 14:55
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Could Maddie be alive and well in Nerja?

By Eloise Horsfield

A CRACK police outfit investigating the disappearance of Cordoba toddlers Ruth and Jose Breton has been called in to investigate a possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Nerja.

While there have been numerous ‘sightings’ in Spain since the British toddler disappeared from the Algarve in 2007, this is not the first in the Axarquia region.

According to reports, there have been at least two alleged sightings in Nerja, and as the Olive Press revealed two months ago a sighting was reported by police by Yvonne Tunnicliffe who claims to have spotted Maddie Mercadona store in Alhaurin el Grande, just 20 miles away.

“I’m certain it was Madeleine, I wouldn’t even say I’m 99 per cent sure, I’m 100 per cent sure,” said Yvonne Tunnicliffe, who has lived in Spain for six years.

“She had mousy blonde hair in scruffy plaits, very fair skin and looked about seven or eight, which is how old she would have been now,” said the former M&S worker.

Now, Portuguese police have asked their Spanish counterparts to follow up a tip-off that the child was spotted in Nerja.

Fresh inquiries are now being made by officers from Malaga’s Judicial Police’s Central Specialised and Violent Crime Unit – the same unit investigating the disappearance of Ruth and Jose Breton who disappeared on October 8 from a Cordoba park.

Rogerio Alves, the McCanns’ Portuguese lawyer, called the cold-case review a ‘very positive sign … the most plausible explanation is information acquired by the police has put them on the trail of something specific.’

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. PJ Denies the Existence of a New Lead About Maddie’s Whereabouts
    17-04-2012 17:23 by Celso Paiva Sol

    An official source of the PJ told Renascença that the news about the Portuguese authorities having given leads about the appearance of the girl in Spain do not have any basis.

    The PJ categorically denies the news published in the Spanish paper “Diário Sur”. according to which the neighbouring country’s authorities are investigating a new lead, allegedly provided by the Portuguese police, about the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann.

    An official PJ source told Renascença that the news did not have any basis and is completely false. According to “Diário Sur”, the new lead arrived at the Spanish authorities ten days ago and relates that a girl with great similarities to Maddie had been seen in the city of Nerja, close to Málaga.”

    Take your pick. Clarence Mitchell spinning another “sighting” or the PJ official statement. You choose.

  2. ITV News,
    4:03PM, TUE 17 APR 2012
    Spanish police investigate Madeleine ‘sighting’
    5:57PM, TUE 17 APR 2012
    McCann sighting information has been with police for some time.”
    So it took them less than 2 hours to discover that the “story’ was a plant by you know who.–
    As with any conjuror, look what he is doing with the other hand.

  3. And Nerja town hall, (you know, the ones who run the Policia Local) state they know nothing about it. Can we have some serious investigative journalism here. Who put this story into the public domain ? Was it Mitchell on behalf of TM ? There is another edition of Kate’s autobiography (with a few pages about Madeleine) coming out soon. Surely it cannot be a publicity stunt ? Can it ? Or is it to divert attention from the libel trial in Portugal, so that the press do not run with that slightly more arcane story.

  4. And there will be. Tony Bennett’s case comes up soon, and they may not want it revealed that they have spent many thousands of pounds generously donated by the public to the “Fund” which is in fact a private limited Company, NOT a Charity, on hiring the most expensive libel lawyers to prevent people asking sensible questions – such as why they lied to the police from the very first. And they did. Just look at their first statements and compare them to their second statements.
    To Olive Press – I realise you may not be ‘permitted’ to publish this, and am not offended if you don’t.

  5. “To save everybody time here is a handy cut out ‘n keep Maddie sighting report.

    Tragic / brave / heart-broken* parents Kate and Gerry McCann were boosted last night after reports that an 18 year old student / 29 year old holidaymaker / 47 year old ex-pat* is convinced they saw missing / abducted / kidnapped* Madeleine™ in Malaga / Marrakesh / Mombassa* last week / last month / last year*.

    “It was definitely her” said the student / holidaymaker / ex-pat* tearfully last night. “She was with a foreign / swarthy / gypsy* man who was smartly dressed / scruffily dressed / dressed like a foreigner* and they just didn’t look right together. I immediately recognised her from the picture on front of the book, which is available in all good bookshops, and soon out in paperback.”

    The student / holidaymaker / ex-pat* was so shocked at the sighting that they literally trembled and reported it to a Sun journalist / local free paper / late-night radio phone-in* as soon as they had finished their shopping / climbed Everest / visited the International Space Station*.

    Official spokesthing Clarence Mitchell told us “Naturally Kate and Gerry are delighted by this news as it gives them hope that people will continue to fund their search.”

    Last night Scotland Yard refused to comment on this latest sighting.

    * Pick one of the options.”
    With acknowledgements !

  6. LOL PM!

    How true. Now Panorama have made a new programme due to be aired on 30 April, were inundated with hundreds of comments via BBC Radio Times, all of which have been deleted now and comments bot allowed! Funny old business this mccann alledged abduction case. May God go after the perpetrators is all I can say

  7. The comments on the Panorama programme are available on Pamalam’s site. She copied them before C-R shut them down. This is becoming not so much about Freedom of Speech, but about Freedom of Thought. Interesting that the BBC and the Sky blurb about the programme do not mention the “A” word at all.

  8. I have only half read the latest book maddie it was so upsetting to think what that girl is going through knowing that the people that abducted her are not her real parents. would it be a good idea to put posters around the world especially in nerja where she has been sighted to let maddie know that we are still searching for her and not to give up

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