By Eloise Horsfield

AN exciting plan to turn the ‘forgotten’ Axarquia region into a ‘land of hope and opportunity’, has been laughed at by opposition chiefs.

It comes after Malaga boss Elias Bendodo insisted the area had the ‘very essence of Malaga’ and could become a key engine for the province’s development.

Speaking in Velez Malaga on ‘Malaga Province Day’, he proposed a scheme, which would include the collaboration to grow lychees and longans (above)  at a farm in Algarrobo.

He also insisted the province wanted to better promote the region’s raisin industry, as well as exploit the birthplace of US Independence War hero Bernardo de Galvez, who was born in 1796 in Macharaviaya.

Under the heading Nueva Axarquia he also wants to see the creation of a phone ‘app’ with Orange.

Ultimately Bendodo hopes the schemes will create much needed employment in a region that has ‘practically everything’ to offer.

Opposition groups have however criticised the plans, with the PSOE insisting the project has ‘no ambition’.

They are concerned it will do little to help the 207,000 registered unemployed.

The PP boss however laughed off the criticism, insisting that the Axarquia is ‘destined for great things, just around the corner’.

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