INSPECTOR Gadget has done it again.

Having spent two decades turning his website into one of Europe’s top online shops for green products, he is constantly looking for the latest sustainable technology.

Whether this means travelling to China to check out what’s on offer, or attending green fairs in the US, Edwin Spijkers, 40, of Generador Electrico, is always on the go.

So it was something of a boost when the flying Dutchman managed to come up with a revolutionary new product all on his own.

The exciting new gadget – known as a ‘grid tie invertor’ – makes the conversion of solar energy from panel to appliance considerably cheaper for small domestic installations.

Bringing down the price substantially, he has now had his product officially approved in China with its own CE mark.

“This is a small compact invertor for 300 to 600 watts and it comes at a very compact price,” explains Spijkers, who lives in Ronda.

“Indeed it costs from just €140, when previously you had to pay around €800 and when added to a small PV panel, this will save the average household up to €100 per month in electricity bills.”

For more info visit or call 952874195

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  1. Very interesting. Good job Edwin Spijkers. I hope it works.
    Here’s another one for your journalist to ponder and perhaps even answer.
    Is the CE mark you mentioned a Conformité Européenne mark meaning it meets all regulations and is a quasi mark of quality. Or far more likely considering the items provenance a “China Export” CE mark which confers absolutely nothing and is an “aggressive approach” designed to mislead and “to confuse European consumers”? Or your readers.
    No, don’t check wikipedia go to International Center for Quality Certification
    or reference
    The European Parliaments website written questions and answers.

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