A PAIR of gay penguins are set to become parents.

According to zoo keepers at the Madrid zoo the male love birds, who fell in love six months ago, had a dream of becoming parents which is now set to become a reality

Due to the strength of their relationship Inca and Rayas have been given an egg for adoption.

“At first they were very surprised and very nervous, not knowing what to do, but they soon began to care for it,” explained a zoo keeper.

“They love each other as if they were a male and a female and are courting just the same.”

The soon-to-be dads are now incubating the egg as any female penguin would.

It is expected to hatch in the coming weeks.

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  1. I really appreciate your including articles like this one on your website. However, I wish the author had done a tad bit more research on penguins. It is common for male and female penguins to take turns incubating the eggs…so the fact that these penguins are incubating is not unusual. In fact, in the case of the the Emperor Penguin, the male does all the incubating. Finally, the opening lines should be rewritten or clarified. How can anyone know what these penguins have been dreaming or hoping for?

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