DEBT-RIDDEN Estepona Town Hall is set to cut 190 jobs in a bid to save €6 million.

PP mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano insists he has been forced to act due to new rules set out by central government for local town halls.

Under the so-called ‘adjustment plan’ town halls are being forced to settle up their bills, before getting any further grants.

As Estepona is currently over €60 million in debt, the mayor claims he has been left little choice but to lay off workers.

The town hall has an urgent need to be more streamlined, with ‘too many employees for too few tasks’, insisted local expatriates.

“There are way too many gardeners and pen-pushers working here,” said one local businesman, who asked not to be named.

Talks on who could lose their jobs will start next week, and the mayor says it will be decided using objective criteria.

He insisted it would ‘not take into account party affiliation or family ties.’

“The town hall is obliged to reduce its workforce,” insisted Garcia.

“It is the last thing that a mayor wants to do, but the circumstances have dictated.”

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