29 May, 2012 @ 16:38
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Eurovision delight as Spain…. loses!

Eurovision delight as Spain…. loses!

SPAIN was certainly not a sore loser at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The cash-strapped country was reportedly delighted Pastora Soler lost to Sweden after urging her not to win.

It came after the government allegedly gave orders that Soler should not win, as the country could not afford to hold the event next year.

Bosses of state-run broadcaster TVE reportedly told the 33-year-old singer to ‘throw’ her entry as the country struggles to make ends meet.

“If we won, I think it would have been impossible to stage next year’s event because it costs so much money,” insisted the singer.

“It is not the moment, neither for Spain nor for Spanish public, to win Eurovision,” she added.

Meanwhile the UK’s entry from 76-year-old crooner Engelbert Humperdinck finished second last in the competition.

It led to calls that the UK should quit the event.

Watch Pastora’s performance here:

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. UUGH! AGAIN WITH THIS?! the goverment NEVER said she shouldn’t win, for God sakes! we wanted to win, we go to eurovision to win, all she said in the news conference was a joke, since we have financial problems she joked about it and said that her collegues of eurovision organization in Spain told her “hey you better not win, we can`t afford it haha” it was a COMPLETE JOKE, again lame reporters who were looking for the smallest bad thing to come out of her mouth turned it into something it is not, and well days after we can still read this bullsh*t.

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