A BRIT gored during the infamous Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona has compared it to being ‘stabbed with a large knife’.

Liam Tarff, 29, was gored in the left leg on the third day of the annual San Fermin bash alongside fellow Brit, 20-year-old Nick Couchman who was gored in the right leg.

The incident happened after the half ton animal, fittingly called Runaway, broke free from the pack just before entering the bullring.

The pair were transferred to hospital wrapped up in blood-soaked bandages.

“It was like being stabbed with a large knife,” he revealed from his hospital bed.

Meanwhile, the first person to be injured this year was a local man, aged 73, who was gored in his right leg and is now recovering in hospital.

The week-long festival, which features in Hemingway’s novel Fiesta, sees thousands of people running ahead of six fighting bulls through the streets of Pamplona.

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  1. What a shame he was only gored in the leg. Anyone that thinks it is fun to torture, and terrify any animal prior to being stabbed to death infront of cheering onlookers, deserves everything he gets.I hope everyone that takes part in this murderous “fiesta” one day will realise what a cruel event this day.
    A leg injury is nothing compared to what happen’s to the bulls that are forced to partake in this.

  2. We’re with you S.A.D.!! A step forward is surely not killing bulls, but just running with them, then taking them back to their field.
    I don’t see what’s wrong with consigning all this to history books. That would be fine then wouldn’t it. Just have statues of people stabbing bulls in the spine as a nice memory?

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