Marbella Town Hall has unveiled its brand new €7 million ‘green zone’ at Tres Jardines in San Pedro, containing 10,000 different plant species.

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  1. Great news! This will definitely pay off financially for the businesses shut down in San Pedro due to the a) underground parking garage construction and b) the 5 YEAR project to construct the “Tunnel” thru San Pedro. The “Tunnel” with delays and numerous cost overruns could have simply been AVOIDED by ONE INEXPENSIVE OVERPASS TO EXISTING ROADS. Dumb
    And now they plan a huge garden area above the “Tunnel” – what San Pedro businesses NEED is Car PARKING THERE so customers get to their business shops.
    And Marbella Town wants to “emulate” the pedestrian areas in central Marbella like San Padro HAS?! Just CLOSE Marbella shops for 2-3 years of construction in this recession economy where 1) folks don’t buy and 2) the growing older Tourists need to park CLOSE to shops… NOT WALK distances!

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