FASTEN your seat belts for it is bound to be a fast, action-packed year ahead.

With the recession expected to deepen, at least for the first half of the year, and unemployment unlikely to improve, there will inevitably be plenty of trouble and strife.

So to cheer you up, we thought we would offer you 13 rather more lighthearted predictions for 2013.

1 Art museum opens in Zaragoza in tribute to pensioner Cecilia Gimenez after her world-famous restoration of a church fresco makes her Spain’s most Googled artist after Picasso

2 Disgraced former MP Margaret Moran allows her Orgiva estate to become the venue for this year’s infamous travellers’ shindig, the Dragon Festival

3 DJ Maurice Boland finally gives up his job on the airwaves and becomes a reclusive goat-herder in the Serrania de Ronda, only to be heard occasionally yodelling his opinions to his herd.

4 The Costa del Sol’s enfant terrible Tony Muldoon escapes prison in the UK and returns to open a soup kitchen and charity shop to help the coast’s most needy expats

5 Kylie Minogue has a secret Costa Brava wedding to Andres Velencoso before moving to cottage in the Pyrenees where she has her first baby

6 President Putin of Russia finally decides Moscow is too cold for an ageing leader and throws in the towel for a new life as a Costa emigree in his mansion in Zagaleta

7 Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo offloaded to Harry Rednapp at QPR in the January transfer window, while Lionel Messi becomes a saint in Barcelona

Ronaldo goes to QPR

8 After much debate over whether it should have an escalator to reach it, the authorities decide that the Alhambra should instead have a zip wire to get down quicker

9 Inaki Urdangarin (the king’s son in law) becomes the first Spanish royal to see the inside of a modern Spanish prison after being convicted of corruption

10 New road rules mean that the locals must say thanks when being let in at junctions

11 After five-and-a-half years of living in their garage, a brainwave in Madrid leads to expats the Priors being offered a pick of any of the million empty homes around Spain.

12 Marbella declares itself an independent state in a bid to distance itself from the deepening recession dragging down the rest of Spain.

13 After posting record half year figures,
Inditec (owners of Zara) snaps up Walmart in the US and Tesco in the UK.


  1. i wonder if barry mitch would be slagging off mobo if he was still working for and being paid by him?.anyway good point previously made that chancers like mobo dont do the reputation of the costa del sol any good at all.ALL TALK,AND GET OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THE LEG WORK….then take the credit

  2. I NOW have a question. All of you who are complaining, winging, attacking (and below the belt I must add) about Maurice Boland. Will each of you please put in writing on this thread, exactly what YOU have done for charities in Spain? Brains! How did your collection with the other newspaper and other nameless radio stations go? How much did you and any of your cronies collect? Why don’t you all put up or shut up.

  3. I have tried to say once already that the comments posted here are interesting though they be abridged, i did say that the unabridged version exists somewhere . i can only presume that me saying where got the posting deleted. so I shall say no more and see if it gets posted .

  4. It is correct that in Spain Libel Laws are very different than in the UK. However, it should be taken under consideration for a statement to be deemed libellous it must of course be determined and proven that such statement is false and not grounded in truth or fact. I fail to see anything posted here that is not at the very least based on some element of truth and fact. In more cases than not it appears they are individuals prespective and opinions of the truth and fact as known or understood by them.

  5. Tommie, I understand that Boland’s Lawyers have found your blog. It is hilarious to even imagine a firm of lawyers spending all their time on the internet searching for mentions of Maurice Boland. His legal fees must be astronomical. No doubt you’ll be threatened with prison again.

  6. Tommie, I found your blog but there is no mention of this topic. Has your blog been censored by Boland?

    The biggest problem with italkfm in contrast to TRE for example, is that it professes to be ‘Marbella’s Talk Radio Station’ but there is hardly any local content at all. There is no local or national Spanish news, the most you get is the odd comment about the weather. The majority of the news is about the UK. Virtually no local interviews or mention of what’s happening here apart of the odd thing here and there. It is also totally disorganised. From one day to the next you have no idea who the presenters will be or the schedule of programmes. Most shows I ever listen to never sound planned, just thrown together at the last minute, some even winging it once on air. I won’t be listening again.

    The facts relating to the charity discussion I am sure will come out in the wash very soon.

  7. CJ, yes, Tommie’s blog posts have disappeared since yesterday. Sure he’ll tell us all why. I agree with everything else you said.

    My New Year Predictions, and I am a betting man, italkfm will cease to exist by Easter and Maurice will be off to the hills to write his long expected memoirs as the Olive Press suggested.

  8. It really is about time you all stopped bullying and persecuting this man. As he says himself, he’s like Marmite, you either love him or you hate him, but seriously, there is no need for all of this. Whatever his faults I still believe he is kind hearted, well-meaning and full of good intent.

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