Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Botched Spanish fresco fiasco being turned into an opera

Octogenarian artist Cecilia Gimenez’s laughable attempt to restore the 19th century fresco Ecce Homo (Behold This Man) first put the unsung town of Borja in Aragon on the world map

Ecce Homo church priest faces sex charges

70-year-old one of six arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and fraud

Olive Press new year predictions

The Olive Press has a lighthearted look at the year ahead

Oil painting by Ecco Homo ‘restorer’ fetches €1,080 on eBay

Bidding has just ended on 'Bodegas of Borja' by Cecilia Gimenez

Ecco Homo ‘restorer’ sells her own art on eBay

80-year-old Cecilia Gimenez, who completely botched the restoration of a 19th century painting, is now selling her own work online

Infamous Spanish fresco restoration sparks tourist boom

After being thrust into the global spotlight following her handy work, pensioner Cecilia Gimenez has helped bring unexpected benefits to her village