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Court order for homeless Brit living in Malaga airport

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By Kathryn Richardson

A MYSTERIOUS Brit is still causing havoc at Malaga airport despite a judge making an order to stop him going within 200m of the premises.

Homeless Carl Richard, 43, has already broken the order three times within a month of it being made and is reportedly now living under a nearby bridge.

Mr Richard, who is described as tall, slim and bearded, first entered the airport from the street in November 2010 and lived there for two years.

He quickly acquired the nicknames, ‘El F***ing’, due to his use of foul language, and ‘El Ninja’, because he dresses in black and practices martial arts in the building.

He was first arrested in November 2010 for throwing a stone at a vehicle belonging to the firm Rent-A-Car, and later in July 2011 for pouring cleaning liquid containing ammonia over a cleaner.

Mr Richard also threatened travellers with a mop stick and intimidated employees.

The order comes after Mr Richards abused a rental company worker and started smashing windows.

The magistrate dated the order from  January 4 which Mr Richard broke after only ten days when he was spotted wandering around Terminal 3.

Despite being arrested several times, Mr Richard’s past is still a mystery and nobody knows exactly why he roams the area, or why he has not returned to Britain.

According to reports his family has turned up at the airport a number of times to pursuade him to return home but he refused.

The social services have also failed in their attempt to have him declared incapacitated in order to get him institutionalised.

He is one of a number of homeless people who live at Malaga airport.

There are said to be up to a dozen men living there, a number of them expatriates, who have fallen on hard times.

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Charity starts at home on the Costa del Sol


  1. I don’t know if there is a sad story behind this but my first reaction is why don’t the Spanish authorities deport him if he is such a nuisance, probably for the same reason that British authorities don’t deport foreign criminals because it would infringe their human rights. He is not totally homeless if his family have tried to persuade him to return home, so one must conclude that he is either mentally ill in which case he should be sectioned for his own good or that this is the life he has chosen and must face the consequences of his bad behaviour.

  2. My husband offered a spaniard a job at Malaga airport on condition he learned to speak english, he didn’t bother so you’re all as bad as one another Pedro!

  3. This guy sounds cool. ‘El F***ing’, ‘El Ninja’ and threatens people just catching flights with MOPS, when not doing martial arts exhibitions… And the security have let him in for two years? This could be a miles better film than Hanks’s effort!

  4. Better to be poor and homeless in a Spanish airport where it is warmer than cold in a Manchester bus shelter.
    Definitely something to be said for taking a one way flight to Espana, and alternating between the airport couches and free beach lidos, providing you have money to buy bread and water..For someone supposedly homeless Mr Richard looks remarkably healthy.
    I think he is a disgrace to his country of birth and to his family who should wash their hands of him. He is also taking the Spanish people for granted also.
    The martial arts is probably all show. I think that faced with a confrontation from someone who would stand up to his threats and bullying, he would shy away.
    We can all sit back and do nothing. It is a waste of a life. Perhaps he is hoping to meet a person who will support him. What can he offer? What can he do?
    The airport have not enough jobs to give their own people let alone persons from other countries.
    Time for him to leave the relative sanctity of Malaga and start applying for jobs elsewhere. He can go to Benalmadena or Torremolinos. He is young enough and fit enough and free lunches are very much out of fashion these days.

  5. Hi I wonder if some of your readers can help me I’m just back from Torremolinos I am moving over to Spain for one year to see if i like to live there I was wondering what I would have to do to get a job at the airport if some could email I would be vert grateful. Thanks Russell

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