THE Costa del Sol traditionally conjures up images of sandy beaches and glorious sunshine.

But one thing you won’t see mentioned in the travel brochures is the issue of homelessness.

The problem on the coast has already led the Red Cross to demand a homeless hostel in Marbella, but as our front page story ‘Paradise lost’ shows, the problem is spreading.

The recession continues to force many out of work and subsequently for some, out of their homes, with an average of 159 people being evicted every day in Spain as they struggle with rent and mortgage payments.

Charities such as Caritas are doing their best to support those in need.

But there needs to be more emphasis placed on prevention rather than cure, with greater support networks in place to identify those at risk of becoming homeless.

Family breakdown is widely regarded as being one of the key causes of homelessness, leaving expats living away from their families at particular risk.

Charity, it seems, starts at home.

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