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DEAR JENNIFER: Feel secure with the right insurance in Spain

THE first question should be – have you taken out Life Insurance? You may have a Mortgage Protection policy, which means on your death...

Spain to introduce ‘right to forget’ for cancer patients to avoid discrimination

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced at the weekend that his government will be introducing a ‘right to forget’ for former cancer patients, a...

Freeze mortgage rates, says Spain’s labour minister after BBVA posts record profits

SPAIN’S deputy prime minister and labour minister, Yolanda Diaz, on Wednesday called on the banking sector to freeze mortgage interest rates and curb its...

Borrowers in Spain face rising mortgage repayments as Euribor shoots up 

RESIDENTS of Spain could see their mortgage payments increase soon thanks to the ongoing rise of the 12-month Euribor. The rate is the most...

Blanca International: How can I get a 100% mortgage in Spain?

“How can I get a 100% Spanish mortgage” – it’s a question we’re used to. As a leading real estate agency in Javea and surrounding...

ESSENTIALS: What you need to know about getting a mortgage on your property in Spain’s Costa del Sol

In the first of a two part article, Terramediana gives some advice on getting a mortgage on the Costa del Sol

CHEAPER LOANS: Negative rates mean a stronger property market in Spain

A SUMMARY of Spanish mortgage market data in the first quarter of the year gives an insight into the nation’s housing market. An interesting point...

Landlord boom: EU enquiries for Buy-To-Let mortgages up 34%

SKIPTON INTERNATIONAL has enjoyed a rise in enquiries for its UK Buy-To-Let mortgages over the last year. The Guernsey-based bank saw a 34% increase in...

Mortgage enquiries are still coming in, but the Spanish market cannot sustain coronavirus lockdown much longer, warns the Finance...

THE mortgage market has still been functioning during the current crisis (albeit at a slightly slower pace), supporting the property sales that are still...

The Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola explains mortgage holiday rules as the Spanish property sector battles on through COVID-19

On March 17 the Government announced by Royal Decree a ‘moratorium’ or ‘mortgage holiday’ for residents struggling with payments

Number of mortgages registered in Spain takes 30% nosedive due to new law, which affects expats

The poor mortgage data has been blamed on Spain’s new property law, which was implemented this summer

Brits applying for mortgages in Spain should not panic, but should be Brexit-ready, writes Tancrede de Pola

With the value of sterling plummeting to historic lows - even dipping below €1.10 in August - Brexit has the banks scared

Bank restrictions blamed after home loans plummet by 10% across Spain’s Andalucia

The regions of Andalucia where the greatest falls have been recorded were in Cordoba, Sevilla and Malaga

Spain’s new mortgage law will force homebuyers to take a test in Spain before sale can be approved

Also known as the Housing Credit Law, it should greatly diversify what is on offer for homebuyers while providing better protections

Chaos ensues with new laws on Spanish mortgage loans, writes Lawbird’s Antonio Flores

Now imagine a foreign buyer who speaks no Spanish and a notary who speaks only Spanish and you have a deal-breaker

Why Spain is still an attractive property investment for 2019

Although mortgage rates are no longer the cheapest in Europe, the market is still booming for expats looking to buy, The Finance Bureau's Tancrede de Pola

BUNCH OF BANKERS: Supreme Court rules in favour of lenders in ‘unprecedented’ mortgage tax fiasco

Shares in a number of Spanish banks, including Bankia and Sabadell, promptly tumbled at the prospect of massive retroactive legal claims

Spain’s impressive recovery continues 10 years after the global economy collapsed

IT’S been exactly 10 years this month since the Lehman Brothers collapse in the US kickstarted the global economic crash which decimated Spain’s property...

Struggling to pay your Spanish mortgage? Stuck in negative equity? We can help.

EU Property Solutions are Specialist Debt Strategists who assist individuals with European Property Debt. The Spanish property market suffered severely following the global financial crisis...

Dealing with your mortgage payments is not all doom and gloom

PERHAPS you are struggling with mortgage repayments or maybe you have even missed one. It could be that the bank has begun with the...

Mortgage approval numbers are soaring in Spain as property market continues its recovery

MORTGAGE approval numbers are soaring. The latest figures show that this April alone there was a 34% increase in mortgage approvals in Spain, while the...

Must-dos before signing on your new property in Spain

AS Brits return home after a summer break on the Costa del Sol, the grey skies and memories of G&Ts on the beach make...

What to expect when buying a mortgage in Spain as a non-resident

BUYING a property in Spain for non-residents can be difficult, but not impossible. Some Spanish banks may not lend money to people living abroad, whether...

How to construct the home of your dreams in Spain

The advantages are several in that you can design completely to your own spec., incorporating all of those features you always dreamed of.

New rules on unbuilt properties restore faith in Spain’s legal system

For those who have paid deposits into developers’ bank accounts for homes never built, they should be refunded by the bank even if the developer is no longer trading





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