SKIPTON INTERNATIONAL has enjoyed a rise in enquiries for its UK Buy-To-Let mortgages over the last year.

The Guernsey-based bank saw a 34% increase in enquiries from residents of the EU in the period January to May 2021 compared to figures from August to December 2020. In contrast, there was a 16% increase during the same period for the rest of the world.

Skipton International’s mortgage offering is available to British Expats and Foreign Nationals purchasing Buy-To-Let property in the UK.

Uk House[8832]
UK Buy to Let mortgages available to British expats and foreign nationals

The largest percentage increase came from the EU, with Hong Kong and the UAE also proving popular jurisdictions for UK Buy-To-Let enquiries.

The increase came against the backdrop of Brexit and a reduced number of UK-based lenders supporting EU residents. Skipton’s enhanced mortgage proposition, the UK Stamp Duty holiday and the sharp demands within the UK rental market are also contributing factors.

Roger Hughes, Business Development Manager of Skipton International, said: “We have some of the most attractive UK Buy-To-Let mortgages on the market for Expats and Foreign Nationals.

Skipton Roger Hughes [8831]
Roger Hughes, Business Development Manager of Skipton International

“This year the demand has continued to grow and we will be exploring ways to make our mortgage proposition even more attractive, allowing more overseas residents to access the UK property market for long term investment purposes.”

To see how much you may be able to borrow you can  visit Skipton’s online UK Buy-To-Let mortgage calculator at:

Photograph shows Roger Hughes, Business Development Manager, Skipton International

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