27 Feb, 2013 @ 14:55
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Former treasurer to sue PP for ‘unfair dismissal’

Luis Barcenas

THE ex-Popular Party treasurer currently embroiled in Spain’s slush-fund scandal is suing his former party for ‘unfair dismissal’.

Contradicting a statement from PP secretary general Maria Dolores de Cospedal, Barcenas claims his work with the party was only terminated on January 31 of this year,  rather than in 2010.

If Barcenas’ claims are true, it means he was fired the same day El Pais published ledgers implying PP members, including Rajoy, received bonuses from a €38 million slush-fund.

According to the lawsuit, Barcenas says he was paid €21,300 per month to advise the party after stepping down as treasurer in 2010.

Barcenas filed the lawsuit the same day he appeared before the High Court to explain the €38 million he allegedly held in Swiss bank accounts.

Barcenas made the claim after De Cospedal filed a defamation lawsuit against him and El Pais over the ledgers, which appear to show that De Cospedal herself also received bonuses from the slush-fund.


  1. Barcenas not only has a lot of nerve, he’s also an idiot.
    What kind of person creates a slush-fund for money laundering and embezzles millions in Euros from that and then claims that he’s done nothing wrong? He’s been caught scheming on 2 or 3 occasions now. I am perplexed as to why this person is still able to move about freely. There a definite problem with our modern politicians’ moral compasses. The whole Spanish Govt at the executive level are all a bunch of crooks. This s.o.b. also has had the gall to file for the unemployment insurance as of two days ago. He’s a millionaire and wants to be on the dole as well. W.T.F is up with these Spanish Judiciary system? Hell, and everyone says that Italy is corrupt???

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